Monday, June 28, 2010

Walking with the "Pride" people

Yesterday we went to Augsburg College in downtown Minneapolis to Jim's son' graduation. It was a proud day for Jim and me too. (The only part that was not so good was that they had a politician give the keynote address, which of course as you all may know was a political rally for himself,, UGH) After the graduation it was decided that we would have lunch downtown as Jon's wife who works down there had to go to work soon. So we drove down there and realized it was the "Pride" weekend in Minneapolis. Well we found a $10 lot to park in and then walked to Hennepin Ave where all the pride people were walking. And I was wearing a purple shirt walking right along with them (^_^) We got to the cafe only to find out it was a 2 hour waiting time, so the downtown cafe was nixed, so it was walk back the other way with my purple shirt on to get back to the car where we, even tho I tried, I was not able to coerce the the guy into giving our money back as we were there only 10 minutes, but he said no... (may the bird of paradise fly up his nose).

We ended up having a nice meal at a restaurant in the suburbs. I am not meant to be a Downtown Girl!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Well I left work early today, got home and was ready to go to Joey's game. Jim was just getting in the shower.. I thought "HUH"? You were home all day and knew I was coming home from work early so we could get to his game on time. Anyway at 5 we got in the car to travel 33 miles to see Joey's game at 6 , through rush hour. Well we were about half way there and my cell phone rings and it is my son. "Mom,, were are you?" Me.. "On the way to the game". Son "Oh man, sorry Mom, I for got to call you and tell you that I was going to pick up Kim from jury duty and we wouldn't make it to the game". Me "OK have a good nite". A big sigh of disappointment, but them what can you do?

So now we are half way to So St. Paul, and no dinner in our bellies, so we decide to take the first turn that will take us toward home. So we finally got to a restaurant at 6:30. We went to Olive Garden and so that was a good thing. So I guess I shouldn't be so upset that the Ole Boy was running late. Bless his heart he always is. I should know by now that I need to tell him 30 min earlier then I want to leave for anything.

After dinner we went to look for some decent lawn chairs. Let me tell you if you want some decent ones (i.e. ones I can get my big butt out of once I get in it) you have to pay a hefty little price for them. But,, now we have 2 lawn chairs that both Jim and I can get out of with out humpfing, and grunting. So all is good.

I was sooooo bored at work today I could have cried. Tomorrow doesn't look to be much better. I think I will take a book and a crossword book with me to work. Better then twiddling my thumbs. I get tired of surfing the net.

Well that's it for tonight.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tonja,,,,, dont you laugh!!

OK,,, so we had Jim's kids over for a steak fry tonight. It was a fun time, BUT,, it also was Dakota and Rebecca's (Jim's grandson and daughter) birthday this week so we decided we would celebrate their birthdays too. I made a Chocolate Cherry cake and iced it with chocolate frosting. It looked so plain so I bought one of those cans of white icing that has decorator tips on it. What ever made me think I could do this? This was the result. I think I will leave the decorating to the professionals,, or my daughter!!!

But we all had a good time and they seemed to like their birthday cake in spite of the horrific writing on it!! I hope it was the thought that counted!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What A Difference A Day Makes

For the last week to 10 days it has been rainy and cold. Today it is in the upper 80's and humid and the wind is bowing like crazy.

We had planned on taking in Joey's baseball game tonight, but the forecasters keep telling us over and over that strong storms will be passing through this area right about dinner time and his game is at 6. So this morning rather then having the feeling of being in limbo all day we decided that we would catch one of his games next week. I wish they didn't live 30 miles away. But at least we can go there on an evening instead of having to drive 4 hours like we will have to do tomorrow to take in Abbe's swim meet on Saturday. Tonja tells me they swim outside. Her meet is like 6 or 7 in the morning come rain or shine. Only lightning stops the meet. So I am hoping and praying that the weather is good there Saturday morning. But those poor little kids having to come out of and jump into a pool at that time of the morning. It seems like a torture to me.

And another sadness. Tonja is getting rid of the chickens. They were a 4-H project for Abbe and Luke and now neither child wants to take care of the chickens. So they are giving them away to a farmer there that has chickens. I sure will miss all those fresh free eggs :(

Well that's all that I have in me today!! (^_^)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Checking myself for scales!!

We had been so short on rain, I don't think we hardly got a sprinkle in May. Well who ever has been doing the rain dance, needs to cut it out. The rains have come and it is now the 14th of June and we have had only 2 days in June that we have not had rain. I think I would like a little reprieve. Normally I don't mind the cloudy and rainy weather, as I know we need it,, but after a while... well the smile on my face starts to go flat and then droop.

The weatherman promises that we will have sun on Wed. Now how many of you believe weathermen (or weather persons)? I think it is the only job in the world where you can be wrong 80% of the time and they keep you on and pay you big salaries!!! Tonja, at one time considered becoming a meteorologist. She should have.. It's OK punkin... you just keep on doing great in those collage classes and you will soon have your BA in business. I am so proud of her, getting named to the Deans list while working full time, keeping up a house, and having 2 teenagers soon to be adults and 2 little ones in school..

Well I have gone on long enough tonight.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Changing the time of church

I don't know about you, but I don't like it when churches change their times of services. Needless to say I am not at church today. I work every day and on the weekends, I like my body to just sleep until it wants to get up. Well today it didn't want to get up until 8:30 and the new service time is 9:30 and there was no way I was going to get showered and ready and to church on time. I may have to find a different church around here to attend when my body wont wake up on time, as I really do miss when I don't get to go to church.

Saturday, June 05, 2010


Most of you know I am a big sports nut. Oh and most of you know I do NOT play the sports... just watch them. The Vikings are my "love". In the line of most loved it is God, family, Vikings. Somewhere after that comes the Twins and the Gopher football and basketball. The love of the Gophers actually has been acquired since Jim and I got married. I say all this to say that last night I sat up and watched the Twins. They are in CA so the game started at 9. The Twins were doing good and leading 4 - 1. I thought well it will be over soon that was the in the 7th inning and around 10:30. I dosed of in my recliner for a few minutes and woke up to see it was tied... Well I kept watching and soon it was the 11th inning and midnight and I finally had to bid them goodnight. Wouldn't you know.... shortly after I went to bed Young got a base hit and Mauer scored and that was the way the game ended Twins winning 5 - 4. They needed that after getting their butts beat by a so-so Seattle team.

Going to bed so late, I thought no problem, it is Saturday tomorrow and I can just sleep in. Well for some reason, this body of mine decided that it was time to wake up at 7:30. I hate when that happens. But I didn't fight it, I got up and Jim was up already so we talked a bit and then made breakfast. Now it is time for me to get this body in gear and get something done around here. Oh to be 35 and full of P&V again!!!

That's it for today