Sunday, January 30, 2011

Andrew "Dewey's 2nd Birthday"

We celebrated our grandson Dewey's 2nd birthday last night.  He is a sweetheart and so I took a few pictures to share with my blog friends. 
Smile Dewy  - -  and this is what I got!!!!

 Time to open presents... since he cant read, big brother Josiah read the card for him while she sat there and looked on and listened.
 A shirt???? Cant you do any better then that????
 We gave him a little train from the Thomas the Tank set it's name was Gordon.  He loved it but he loved looking at the little brochure that came with it that showed all the different cars you could get.
 Now this is a little better Mamma,,, something I can take apart and put back together!!!
 Ahhh cake time.  Dewey's mom made the cake.  It is one of the Thomas trains, but I cant remember the name of it.  But she did a great job !!!!
 This is pretty good, but I gotta use my fingers some
 Ooops   I dropped some ice cream on my shirt
 This works to get it off!!!
 And back to looking and dreaming about all those trains. 
Can you tell your little guy really likes trains.  His Mom and Dad gave him a huge set of Thomas trains and tracks.  He will be one busy happy little guy playing with that

Happy 2nd Birthday little Dewey.  We sure do love you´╗┐

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Ode To The Crud

Oh Crud you nasty sneaky one
just look what you have gone and done

You sneak your germs into my body
Making me feel perfectly crudy
I try so hard to keep you at bay
With rest and vitamins night and day

But you, oh crud, wont have any of that
You just dish out from your nasty vat

You make my lungs so congested
OH, you are so very wretched

When my lungs begin to cast you out
Oh no, you wont checkout

To my sinuses you go
Cutting off some air flow

BUT,, I am here to tell you, you're not gonna win
Cuz I'm not just some old country pumpkin

I'll rest, drink fluids, take vitamins and pray
And your exit in only a couple days away!!

BE GONE!!!!!!