Monday, July 30, 2007


I don't know who wrote this. I have received it several times in an email, and I just think it is such good advice, I am going to post it here.

As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back. Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


That's me!!!!!!! (^_^) Oh I wish. No its not me but it is this summer weather we are having this summer. Oh I don't know if we are experiencing global warming or not, but I am sure global warming is NOT responsible for this spell of weather we are having. I just don't do hot and humid. I am looking forward to fall. I suppose in January or February when the temps are below zero I will be wishing for summer. I don't think Minnesota is the place for me to live. But then is there any PERFECT place when it comes to weather? I find myself not liking over 50% of the days here in Minnesota. But then that might be anywhere I live. That said,, enough of weather blabber!!

Yesterday we had a change in our Comcast service. We supposedly "upgraded" to a "bigger and better" phone service. When the technician left the house yesterday the Internet was not up and he told Jim to keep trying to get it up!! HOW NUTS IS THAT!!! Anyway, when I got home from work, I called the 1-800 number that kept popping up only to reach someone who sounded like he was in India. No doubt he was. We got disconnected and did he call me back?? No. So I called the local number here in MN. I got a person I could understand, but again we got disconnected and you guessed it,,, no call back. So, I tried once more the Minnesota number and I got someone who actually knew what he was doing and helped me get back on line. He told me that the technician should NOT have left our house until all was up and working. So he told me to let Comcast know. So I called my son who works for Comcast and asked him who I would call and he said "me". So that was done. Sometimes I just don't think that messing with what is working is a good idea. But,, now I have free long distance from my home phone, so look out all you people that are out of my local area. You may be hearing from me!!!!!

I have been sewing some chair covers for Kim and Eric. Doing this has reminded me how very much I enjoy and have missed sewing. I am looking forward to retirement and the time to do more of it. Heck I may even take a few classes to refresh my skills. There was a time in my life when my kids were little that I sewed 75% of their clothes. I sewed a tux for Eric when he was a ring bearer I sewed a tailored suit for my cousin and even jeans for Gil. That said, if I were to set out to sew jeans or a tailored suit today, I am not so sure they would be wearable.

Well I have yammered on long enough.

Blessing to all who enter and read... post a Hiya,, will ya?


Friday, July 20, 2007

Some great phlosophy on aging

1. As one grows old, one generally rids himself of his short comings, because they no longer serve a useful purpose

2. The one who considers himself too old to learn has probably always been that way

3. If someone says they can do at 60 what they did at 20, did not do much at 20


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursdays Thoughts

It is hard to believe that it is already the 19th of July. Summer is more then half over. In some ways, I am looking forward to it being over. It seems once fall hits and kids return to school (even tho we have none at our house, Jim does work for a school bus company) life in general returns to some kind of structure. In the upper Midwest, in the summer we live so hard and fast. But maybe that is true in any part of the US. Kids out of school and so much is tried to be jam packed into the nice days and no school obligations. Although vacations, picnics, ball games, the lakes, and outdoor games are fun, for a person who thrives on structure (now who do you think I am referring to? (^_^) ) it becomes weary. Along with that add a summer that is having a drought and very warm temperatures,,, well fall looks very welcoming. Fall is my favorite time of year anyway. In Minnesota all the green turns to glorious hues of red, orange and yellow and the cooler temperatures make for warm cuddly blankets.

Oh my, I really did go off didn't I?

I had a phone call last night, from my eldest grand daughter Missy. She got her drivers license yesterday. That gives me one more thing to keep on my daily prayer list. I know that she is a careful driver, but I pray that she will be wise behind the wheel of the car. You know, it just doesn't seem possible that she is old enough to drive already. And then there is Emma, who will be 16 soon and also eligible to drive. Oh my,,, where did time go? I for one am VERY happy that Wisconsin has strict restrictions on teen drivers. I think Minnesota should incorporate them as well. Some of the restrictions WI has I think are pretty stupid (like requiring a child until the age of 8 no matter how big to be in a car seat)!! How stupid. I have seen kids 8 years of age that are bigger then their grandmas. Should we put them in car seats too????

Well those are about all the thoughts that are in my head this Thursday. It has seemed like a VERY long week thus far. Sure seems like it should be Friday but alas,,,,, only Thursday.


Monday, July 16, 2007

Today is Abbe's birthday

And I happen to have a picture of her with her brithday cake
Happy Birthday Abbe,
I sure do love you

Monday Morning Murmurings

Here it is Monday morning. How fast the weekends fly by. The past one was fun having grandkids for the weekend. They are such good kids. I am glad we had the bonding time. I told Jim when they are past the diaper stage and can talk, I am all for keeping them for overnights and weekends. It's those stinky diapers and not knowing what they are crying for that does this Mamma in!!! Any way, Thanks Faith and Joe for giving us a great time.

Yesterday I spent a good part of the day deep cleaning the bedroom. The older I get I just have no get up and go when I get home from work. It seems if I don't get in there and start doing the work I have to do first thing in the morning, by the end of the day, I just plain don't care anymore. I remember, (and not so many years ago at that) when I would come home from work, take down all the curtains in a bedroom, wash them, the walls and put it all together before I went to bed with time to spare. Not any more. I was talking to my sister Judy about that and she said she totally knew what I was talking about. I do need to wash the windows yet and clean the blades on the ceiling fan, but I do think I will have enough oomph in me to get that done tonight.

I had a good phone conversation with Judy yesterday. With the invention of the Internet, her and I correspond usually twice a day and so we rarely talk, but I told her we needed to do the phone at least once a week. Seems things get brought up as you talk and share.

One thing she told me is that my brother in law Randy who is 81 or so and had bladder cancer and then as a result of rapid weight loss contracted a disease that caused such severe pain in his body. He was reduced to a wheelchair and a walker. She told me that he is doing so well. He walks with a cane only now and is back out on the farm driving tractors and helping his sons farm. Thank you Lord!!!!

I don't know about you (at least you who are around my age), but are you ever struck with such a strong memory from the past that it makes you hurt inside and almost cry for what is lost? Jim and I went out to dinner last night after we had attended a class at our church that we are taking in. On the way home, we stopped at a store that Gil and I used to shop at a lot when the kids were younger, and there came such a wave of remembering and longing over me to have those times back that it almost took my breath away and tears shot into my eyes. I had to quickly get back to the here and now. It would be very easy, I think, as I grow older to sit and pine over the "has been's". But I know that if I do that, I will be missing so very much of the here and now. Yes, those were good years, young, healthy and strong. But these are not such bad years either. For one thing better off financially, and MORE family to love and take in. So I try when those feelings hit to remember the here and now, and live for this moment and enjoy.

With that, I think I am done murmuring!!


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Time With Faith And Joe

Brushing teeth at bedtimeSprinkler Fun
That water is cooooold
At Mamma's Movie Theater
Giddy up horsey

We had the pleasure of having Faith and Joe stay with us for a few days. Their Mom and Dad went to Sonshine and they came and stayed with us. Grandpa Jim picked them up at their friends house on Thursday afternoon. Friday I had to work so GJ got to have them all day. Things went well for them. I got to come home early on Friday so I was happy about that. We had dinner together their choice (mac and cheese and hot dogs) and then they played with the 2 little gals across the street. After that we roasted some marshmallows and then it was bedtime. Sat morning we went out to breakfast and did a bit of toy shopping. Then home and Joe and I played Frisbee (until Joey caught the Frisbee on his nose). Then he and I played Diggen Dino's a kids version of monopoly. Then it was run through the sprinkler time and after that was movie time in Mamma and Grandpa Jim's living room, popcorn and all. Joe went out and played with one of the neighbor girls while Faith and the other one finished the movie. When they went out to play Joe fell and scraped his knee. He came in crying and said "I stopped but my body didn't". So Gramps got him all bandaged up. Gramps has had lots of experience with knee scrapes having coached girls softball teams for many years. After that Joe rested and watched cartoons and Faith and Alex played horsey!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Just a couple of Lake pictures

Fun in the water

Gil's twin brother and his wife Shirley
thier daughter in law in the background

4th of July and at the Lake

Faith and Abbe before we head to the lake
JoeMan and Luke the Duke before we head to the Lake

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Wow,,, that is all I can say about the last few days of our weather. Oh sure it is still dry and it is windy but the temps have been in the 70's and I am loving it. I wish I could say that the nice weather has given me loads of energy and inspiration, but alas, it has not. I find myself wanting to sit and do nothing. That really is unlike me. I am thinking more and more about retiring early if I can possibly swing it.

As I get older and my friends begin to pass away or have medical problems, I wonder what fate the future has for me. Will I be fit and able when I am 65 to enjoy the things I want to do. Will Jim be healthy and able. Should I put off for 2 or 3 more years just for the sake of the money? It is not an easy question to answer. I have some money in my IRA's, I can live on that for a while, but then what if I live for a very long time and I run out of money??? You know it is a dilemma!!!

But on days like today, Jim home, a couple of my grand kids coming to spend the rest of the week and weekend with us, I just want to be home and enjoying those things. Sooooooo that's the way it is today July 12th, 2007!!


Monday, July 09, 2007

Well it appears that Blogger isnt going to allow me to title this post. But we will see, maybe by the time I am done it will

The Myers and the Motebergs are back home. It was so good to have them here for a few days. Oh yes, alot of drama and hoopala comes along with them, but I love them all so much and get to see the Myers far too little. As a Mom it is so fun to see your family all together.

We were having a discussion yesterday before Tonja's family left, Tonja the teens and Jim and I, about "things". Sometimes we see things in the lives of others when we are around them that make us draw conclusions. With one of the comments I made, I think it was Emma that said, "Mamma, you are not around us all the time, you cant make judgements like that". And she is right. But gosh, it is hard not to. When you see things in the lives of others that just dont sit right, one tends to believe that it is not the ONLY time this has happened.

I have come to realize that one of the hardest things in life is seeing my kids, grandkids doing something that I dont think is right and keeping my mouth shut. That is something that I have to work at. I know that I need to probably close my eyes more and spend more time in prayer for them. In the end, God is the only one that can effect change in thier lives.

Enough of this,, I might end up getting someone upset.... I have pics and will post a few in the next few days.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July pictures

My little flower garden that was supposed to be a perennial garden but it is half and half
My green pole bean pot on the deck
Abbe and Faith sitting among the deck flowers
Who's ball is closest in bocci ball????

River Pics

Jim and I with "Mark Twain"
Sandi on the deck of the Twilight
Jim on deck of the Twilight
Eagles and the nest on the Mississippi

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin On The River

On Wednesday of last week, Jim and I headed for Le Claire, IA. We left here around noon and arrived there around 7. We took our time getting there, stopping when we felt like it and we stayed at a motel there on Wed night. Thursday morning at 9 we boarded the riverboat named The Twilight. It is a 3 deck river boat that offers 2 day cruises. We set sail about 9:30. The day was cloudy and a little on the cool side. I believe their little gift shop made a fortune that morning selling Sweatshirts and light jackets. Jim and I figured cruising on the river might be a bit cool so we came prepared with sweatshirt and jacket. As we boarded we were given a continental breakfast of fruit cups and pastries. Then at 10:30 they served us a snack of fresh fruit and chunks of cut up cold cuts and cheese. After that "Mark Twain" came up to the 2nd deck which happened to be the largest deck and where our assigned table was. He was very interesting, and when I get a chance to post some pictures, I will show you a pictures. He looked very much like Samuel Clemons. After that it was lunch. It was some wonderful ham and turkey on a homemade wholewheat roll. It was delicious. They had Bingo every afternoon and yes, EVEN I played it. All who know me, know that I do not have a lot of fun playing Bingo, but we did. I won $1. Then it was afternoon snack of veggies and dip and cookies. And then about 5:30 or so they served a dinner of a cranberry glazed chicken, buttered noodles, and broccoli and key lime pie. Of any day of the year we could have taken this cruise, we happened to pick the day the mayflies or "fish flies as they called them" decided to hatch. When we got to the first lock there were literally millions of those things. Now anyone who knows me knows that I FREAK at things flying around my head. There were 4 Amish couples on the tour. (Yes this surprised me but in talking to them we found out that they can ride in cars just not operate them, so they hired a van to bring them there. The van driver was waiting for them there and would drive them back to Indiana where they were from (5 - 6 hour drive and this was 7 when we got back) and then someone with horse and buggy would take them back to their home another hour by horse and buggy. They were interesting to observe and they sure seemed to to totally enjoy it all) Anyway, those Amish women laughed at me when I went out on deck and totally freaked when those mayflies came around me and I ran back inside. Well,,,, sorry but I live with A/C and don't have to put up with bugs. I feel mightily blessed for that. It is good that when we were moving on the river they did not come near the boat much so most of the cruise was bug free. We arrived in Dubuque about 7 and we went right to our room. We would have taken a walk on their resort/hotels beautiful river walk, BUT,,, the fish flies were hatching there too and no way was I going to put up with that. I probably would have fallen in the Mississippi swatting them. Our rooms were very nice and in the morning the we were served a very nice breakfast buffet. We had until 11 to site see Dubuque. Jim and I went and rode the vertical railroad. It is a railroad that goes up almost straight 300 feet. You get into this wooden small train car is what it looks like, you pull the string and it starts up the cliff. You can go to this site and read about it. Then we walked around this quaint part of town with its unique shops before we caught the shuttle back to the resort to get back on the Twilight and head back down stream. We were out only about 10 min when they served a snack, I cannot remember what that one was and then at 12:30 we were served a fish fillet lunch. It was very good. Again there was Bingo and then we had a man entertain us with folk music. Then it was snack time and this time it was crackers, cheese ball and cappuccino muffin cups. Now those were mighty gooooooood. Friday was such a nice day. Jim and I spent most of the day out on the deck taking in all the nature along the Mississippi. We saw eagles nests and eaglets in them, we saw one come soaring out of the trees right on top of us, we saw about 12 turtles sunning themselves on a long caught in the low part of the river, we saw may kinds of birds and so very much pretty scenery with the cliffs and the trees. We enjoyed the Calliope and I even got to steer the boat. Jim and I went up to the captains perch and visited with him. A very fine gentleman. Friday evening we were served a prime rib dinner with all the fixins and Mississippi mud pie for dessert. Shortly after that we were back in Le Claire where we picked up our car and headed to the Super 8 for a nights sleep before we headed home on Saturday morning.

All in all it was very enjoyable. It was for sure forced relaxation. There was not much to do but eat, watch the scenery, talk and just enjoy. Our luggage was taken to the resort for us and in our rooms when we got there, and it was picked up and waiting for us when we got back to Le Claire. There were a couple of women from Utah that sat next to us, and God bless them, but they flew into O'Hara on Wed and with all the rain they were having there they could not get out, so they tried to rent a car but they were all rented out. They found a man that was in the same boat as them, wanting to get to Moline IL where they had a car reserved for them. He called a friend or relative that drove 3 hours to pick them up and take them to Moline. There truly are good people left in this world. But when they got to Moline, of course no luggage, so their luggage was Walmart bags, all tied shut. They were making the best of it, and like they said,,, memories.

We got back to Champlin about 2:00 on Saturday and at 2:30 I came down with a migraine headache. So I took my feverfew and then I laid down and told Jim if I fell asleep to wake me at 4, which I did and he did. Then it was off to do some shopping as today we celebrated Jim's daughter and grandson's birthdays. So after shopping I made the birthday cake and we did a bit of cleaning and then hit the sack. Soooooooo that is a synopsis of our Mississippi River cruise aboard the Twilight. It was fun