Friday, March 28, 2008

Some Easter Pictures

In these pictures I designate Jim's and mine but in the end they are OURS!!!!!
Easter Sunday we had the family over for dinner. Here are a few shots from there.
This is Nate and Noah, Jim's 2 little grandsons
This is Brianna and Faith
Bri is Jim's gdaugher and Faith is mine

This is Josiah emptying out his loot on the floor to see what he got in his bag.

Dakota Jim's grandson found his Easter bag. Jim's son Jon in the chair behind him

Kim and Eric enjoying the "bag" hunt

DaDaDaDa thats all folks. A good time was had by all!!



Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Realizations

Yesterday we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As our pastor was speaking about what Christ has done, and that he had done it for me, in my mind I was wondering how could that have been for me as an individual who was born over 1900 years later. Then I remember how when my first granddaughter was born, how much love I felt for her. I would give my life for her I love her so much. When Tonja told us she was pregnant again, I was afraid that I would not love this next grandchild. I couldn't imagine sharing that love that I had for Missy with another baby. When I walked in and saw that new little miracle, I realized that I didn't have to share that love with Missy, I was given a whole new batch of love for Emmie that was just as strong, and so it went with each grandchild that was added. It helped me to understand that God, through and in Jesus Christ, loved me enough 1975 years ago to die for me. Because he is God, he already knew I would be coming into the world, and all that love that he had for those people that had already been born, he knew he would have that same love for me and so he made a way for me too.

Thank you Lord for the beam of sunlight into my soul


Friday, March 14, 2008

Trip to see Missy in her final high school performance

My first grandchild Missy is graduating this year. We had to go and see her final performance. Here she is singing a duet with a girlfriend. She did a FANTASTIC job. Missy I am proud of you

This picture is of the seniors that were involved in the competition choir. Missy is the blonde in the pink blouse and white skirt
No we are not out in a wilderness. We went to the Ho Chunk casino in Baraboo for a breakfast buffet and this is the inside of the casino. Very cute and they had great food. This is Jim, Missy, Emma, me and in front Abbe and Luke

Sorry these pictures are so lame. Dont know if my camera is loosing it or what, but they did not turn out so good. Maybe have to get a new one.