Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

I am home today and I turned on the TV and there was a commercial for Beauty and the Beast. 

Wow, it really hit a note of nostalgia in me.   As when Maurissa and Emmalee were little girls Gil and I must have watched that movie with them 50 or more times.  Every time I see that movie, I can see those 2 sweet little gals who are now 19 and 20.  Where did the time go??

Monday, September 27, 2010

This makes me smile

Now this is better, in fact it is beautiful to this lady

Mark came by tonight and in an hour he had my new faucet installed in the kitchen.  It is so neat to use.  I really like it.  And Eric, Mark said he had to hand it to you for trying.  ´╗┐He also installed 2 new turn offs under the sink that are up high so you do not have to take everything out below the counter to turn the water off to the sink...

Happy Happy Happy

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Isn't this a beautiful site???

Well I don't think it is either.  BUT,, today my son came over to fix the drip in my kitchen faucet.  I had purchased a new faucet  $70 cuz my old one WAS old.  He started and was having trouble getting screws out.. So he decided he would try to just repair the old one.  OK,, so spent $30 to get some replacement parts. Ahh,, he gets them all installed and gets it back together, and now it is leaking worse then ever right at the sink.  So back to plan A.  He got it all out and then .......... you guessed it.  It wasn't the right kind.  So off we go to return the first one I got and get a different on.  BUT------- wait folks.  The story does not end here.  Do they still make the kind we had.. Nope... Do they have adapters that we can make one of them work... NO... So  now my sink sits like this and in the end I will have to call a plumber and only God knows how much it is really going to cost me to get it fixed.  I don't blame my son.  When it comes to older houses and plumbing, I should know better.  Call the plumber right away!!!

So,, I am not in a very happy good mood tonight.  Wonder why!!]

Monday, September 20, 2010

8 1/2 Hour Seminar

Well this is picture clearly is not me, but it could have been me.  I went to a seminar on Sat.  It was on women's leadership.  The first 4 hours of it was very interesting, but had nothing to do with leadership.  The class started at 8:30 on Saturday morning and it wasnt over until 5.  We were given (2) 10 mintue breaks and 1/2 hour for lunch.  The class room was soooo cold so I went out at noon and when I was going to go back in the door was locked.  The seminar was being held at a collage and at 1:00 the guy that sat at the front door, was off duty and they lock the door so not just anyone can walk in.  I can understad this, but if you are having a class there I would think they would have had someone on duty until the class was done.  So anyway, I had to walk clear around to the back of the building, get someone's attention in the class and tell them the front door was locked.  GRRRRR  But I got my walking in for the day.  I have to tell you by 3:30 the teacher had lost me.  All I could think of was getting off my butt and walking around.  But.. I made it and I learned some stuff, a little about womens leadership in the church and alot about history!!
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Monday, September 13, 2010

My youngest grandchild - Dewey


See this little year and a half old in the tree?  That's my little grandson Andrew.   To all of us he is known as Dewey.  Now he didn't get up there by himself, his Daddy put him up there, but he was all too willing to sit up there.  He has had so many bumps and bruises.  I have threatened to get a plastic bubble for him.  But he is such a happy little guy and what a joy to Jim and I.  He really loves his Grandpa.  He comes in the house and I want a hug, but that wont happen until he finds Grandpa and give him a hug first.  It is sweet.

Just wanted to share Dewey with you all


Thursday, September 09, 2010

And BO said he was going to bring change.. that he did

From Rueters: Switzerland remains the world's most competitive economy, while the United States has fallen from second to fourth after losing the top spot last year, according to the World Economic Forum's annual rankings issued on Thursday.

Sweden, in second spot, and Singapore in third leapfrogged the United States in the WEF's Global Competitiveness Report 2010/2011.

Last year the Asian city-state ranked third and Sweden fourth. There were no newcomers in the WEF's top 10, although Germany climbed to fifth from seventh.

The WEF said America slipped in the ranking due to a build-up in U.S. macroeconomic imbalances, a weakening of the country's public and private institutions and concerns about the state of its financial markets.

"There are weaknesses in some areas in particular, which we have discussed for some time before, and they deepened somewhat since last year," Jennifer Blanke, the lead economist of the WEF's Center for Global Competitiveness and Performance, told a news conference to release the report.

The report said a lack of macroeconomic stability continues to be America's greatest area of weakness, with repeated fiscal deficits leading to burgeoning public indebtedness.

At this rate we will be out of the top 10 before we know it.  Wake up people... lets elect people who really care about our freedoms and not try to tie us up with government.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Man - Glad this check shreding is done for now

My heart is so heavy right now and the tears are right at the brim of my eyes.  I just finished shredding the last of the checks from Gil's and my checkbook back from the early 1990's.  Seeing his handwriting puts such a deep ache in my heart and I miss him so  SO DOGGONE much.  God took him way too early from this earth.  We had so many plans.  I guess that just goes to show how much weight our plans hold.  Life is so fragile.  We don't know if we will have next year or even next month or tomorrow.  

These feelings I get about Gil have nothing to do with my relationship with and love for Jim.  They are 2 totally different things.  I am thankful for Jim in my life.  He is a great companion and Friend whom I love. But there are these times that I see, or hear, or smell something, and memories of Gil flood my whole being and I ache.  I guess that is what love is all about.  Memories go on and keep that love alive.