Monday, June 08, 2009

Global Warming? Ice Age? End of the World?

I am sitting here at work on June 8th freezing because it is so cold in the office and they have turned the heat off to the building. It is only to be a high of 55 today or something like that. I have heard the "experts" say it is part of global warming. Is it? I have heard "experts" say we are entering an ice age. Are we? Then there is the whole book of Revelations that tells of weired weather at the end of time. I wonder which it is, or if it is just a cyclical thing with the weather.

I don't know about global warming or ice ages, but I do believe that the Bible is true and the prophecies in the book of Revelations will come to pass one day. Are we there now? It could be. The book is very hard for this simple farm gal from ND to interpret, but I have taken several classes on the book, and I am inclined to believe that we may be coming close to the end times. I do pray that the Lord returns for those that have accepted Him as their Savior before the full wrath of that book is unleashed on this world.

Those are my thoughts for the day