Monday, February 27, 2012

The finished wall

When Tonja was here this weekend her and Emma finished "the wall".  Those things look like they are painted on the wall when in fact they are things that just stick to the wall that can be removed and put on again.  I am completely satisfied with how it turned out.  What do you think?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Last night's dream

I had a dream last night that I was dizzy.  And,,, today I am feeling dizzy plus I have a pain in my gut.  I really do NOT like how I am feeling right now.  Hope I start feeling better or there will be no dinner made by Sandi at our house tonight.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I hate this restless feeling

I don't know if it is spring fever or what, but man do I feel restless.  Which is nuts because part of me wants to go to bed and cover my head and sleep for about 6 weeks.  When I look out this morning the sun is shining so bright and not a cloud in the sky.  It makes me want to go outside and take in the fresh air.  But I opened the door and whoa,,, shut it quick.  I then checked the temperature and it is only 7 degrees.  Maybe it is all that nice sunshine that makes it look like spring especially since we have NO snow.  Mother Nature is playing all kinds of tricks on us, or is she warning us of something?

I really don't like when I get these feelings.  I don't know if I should come or go.  Talk or be quite, shop or stay home, work or sleep, be kind or be grumpy (well I know which one I SHOULD be) but those feelings come over me.  Sometimes I wonder if this is normal or if I am totally loosing it.

This morning I opted not to go to church.  Not normal for me.  I made the excuse that my son and the family were coming for a 1 o'clock dinner and I needed to stay home to cook it.  Well they have come for 1 o'clock dinners on Sunday before and I have gone to church.  True today I am am making cheesy potatoes, that get prepared from start to finish pretty much at the last minute.  but I could have chosen something else.  I don't know what is with me.  Whatever it is, I hope it passes soon. 

Monday, February 06, 2012

Superbowl Party

Sunday night we had a Superbowl party at our house for our small group from church.  It was fun.  None of us really cared who won, but we all chose a team we were rooting for and most of us were for the Giants so we were not disappointed.  And the last 3 min of that game truly was exciting.
Here are a couple of shots of the food

 Lots of pizza
 And a whole plethora of snacks.  Oh so good.
 A better group of people would be hard to find.
One of the guys brought all these yummy cupcakes that had Superbowl rings on them.  I thought this such a neat idea so I collected one of each of them, but I didn't eat all three, not that I wouldn't have liked to.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

OK,, so this might gross you out BUT

I didnt notice until this afternoon that I had a red eye.  It didnt really hurt but it seemed very sensative.  Finally a few minutes ago, I had Jim put some drops in my eye.  It got a little better but still looks like this.  Wonder what in the world is wrong with it. Hope it is better tomorrow.  And on yeah,,, I know I need a brow wax... BAD

Thursday, February 02, 2012

I Got Taken - Let The Buyer Beware

Last fall I signed up for "deals" from Amazon Local.  It is a "deal" offer from like Groupon etc.  Well what I signed up for was I paid $59 plus $20 for a trip charge, for someone to come and clean 1500 square feet of your home.  Well today was the day I decided to have them come and do it as I am having a Superbowl party on Sunday. I got all the clutter put away and they arrived at 1 pm, Miracle Maids, they were called.  It was a man and a woman.  They asked what I wanted done, I showed them the 2 bedrooms and the 2 baths, kitchen and living room and told them to clean those rooms.  At 2 there was a knock at Jim's door saying they were done!!!!!  I was shocked, but they left and then I checked out their work.  I was appalled.  They had not even put a cloth to the kitchen sink, they had not wiped off around the bathroom stool, or the stool itself.  They did not shake the rugs, and they didn't take the scarfs off the surfaces to dust them. 

I AM ANGRY!!  But maybe I am angry at myself.  I should have called the lady I had last spring.  She was here 6 hours.  Cleaned my stove, wiped down all the blinds, cleaned my non carpet floors on her hands and knees, wiped down spots on the wall, cleaned the patio door window, all the mirrors in the house plus all the vacuuming and dusting which she removed all scarfs and shook all the rugs.  I paid her $175.  It was a bargain compared to what I got today!!!

They say live and learn.  I guess I just learned a lesson!!!