Friday, May 29, 2009

Is That All There Is?

That is the title of a Peggy Lee song. And I have to say there have been times in my life that I have asked myself that and lately, I have been having that feeling if not directly asking the question. Also our Bible study group has been studying Ecclesiastics and that whole book is pretty much "Is That All There Is". Oh I know we glean some teachings here and there from it, but in general, that is the question we have to ask about life. I guess for those who have no faith in life after death, this must be an unanswerable question. I do believe in God and his son Jesus Christ and that through the shedding of Jesus' blood we have hope for a life here after and a good one.

But I have to say looking at each day in this life, I do wonder if can life be different here? Is there something I can do to make life better for me and for those around me? And if I can, what is that thing? Do I need to made a conscious effort each day to try to do this, or can I rely on who I am to do this? I hope that it is a thing within me to be this way, yet I find myself being mean at times. And I do hate that part of me.

Well I just had to get that off my chest


Monday, May 25, 2009

Emma's Skirt

This is a close up of the yoke/pocket on the sides..

Just hanging straight down
As you can see it is very full

Hope you like it Emma

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Mom

Sometimes I wonder if I am a normal person. Today I have an ache in my heart to see my Mom. She has been gone for 10 years. But this morning as I was sitting here all of a sudden she jumped into my head and then into my heart and the tears began to fall. I remember so clearly the last time I had dinner with her. She was staying at the nursing home at the time, and I took her out to lunch. She was all dressed up and we went to the restaurant and she ordered her meal and then she couldn't eat much of it, as she didn't feel so good. That wasn't long before she passed away. How I wish I could have that day over. I would have told her how much I loved her and how much I appreciated all she did for me all my life.

When you are young you think that your Mom is so old fashioned and doesn't know anything. Then you grow up and you realize she is pretty smart. Then you have your own family and you get so busy with them that you forget she is there. That is the part that is stinging my heart today. I wish I had taken more time to spend with her. I wish she could have known how much that I really loved and admired her. I wish I would have spent more time just talking to her and being there for her.

But those moments are gone. I need to see what I can do now, in the present for those who are around me.

Mom.. I loved you very much


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just rattlin

I am so amazed how stiff and sore I am from doing those 14 flights of steps (down) yesterday. When I stand up I am not sure I am going to make it. I hate being this way. I am going to have to do something about this.

Last night Jim and I took in our grand kids piano recital. Faith and Joe have been taking piano lessons, and I am not quite sure but I think they are taught in a group. I may be wrong. But anyway, I was so proud to sit there and hear them play. I know some will say that I am totally prejudiced, but they were 2 of the best there. I was so proud of them. I have always loved taking in my kids performances or sports and I am finding that I enjoy doing that for my grand kids too. Unfortunately, non of them live real close to us, so we cant take in everything, but we do love to go to them.

Over the winter we did not properly drain the water from the outside spigots and one of the valves busted. It amazes me how water when frozen makes metal/steel give way. Well I was happy that the plumber was able to come out last night and fix it for us and didn't charge us an arm and a leg. It is the plumber we use here at work, and he usually only does commercial work but did it for me. Nice huh?

It got VERY warm here no I will say it HOT yesterday. I think it hit 100 some places around the city. And when I came home and turned on my very old air conditioned which I was told I may have to replace very soon, it works!! I was one very happy girl. I just hope and pray that it lasts through the summer.

Well I have rattled long enough... now to work.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Ya know,, Facebook is fun, but you really cant beat blogging to really just sit and put thoughts and ideas down. It isn't busy. And then there are just the few that came and read and you don't have hundreds of people wanting to be "your Friend". You give your blog address to those you want to give access to your thoughts and they can respond if they want. It is amazing to think that blogging may be a thing of the past, but for me, it feels calm here compared to Facebook.

Right now I am just taking a break from my work, waiting for a couple of answers from the managers of the health club that I do the books for. I really don't like this part of my job (doing the books for the club). But it is a club owned by my boss who I think is the best ever. He asked me if I would do it and in the asking it was an assumption that I would. And it is OK. It has settled down some, but the first 6 months were h -e -double hockey sticks.

Anyway, I just came here to my blog and it felt good, so I wanted just to say that.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Missy's skirt

Missy, here is your skirt... Do you think you will like it?