Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is It Age?

This year end at work as been the most harried it has been since I started at Tri-Star. I want to believe it is because one of my co-workers has decided that she wants this one project that her and I work on done NOW instead of when I am done getting the tax packages to the CPA. BUT, then I think, could it be that I am just slowing down as I age? That really ticks me off to think it would be that. But I know my eyes are not as sharp as they used to be, and I am sure my hearing isn't what it used to be and I know that I don't get around as fast as I used to... sooooo what is it?

Yet I find there are other things that I do just fine in. Maybe it is all the detail that is involved with the year end stuff. But yet I love detail.. Call me weired!!

Another thing that bugs me, is that at times I cant recall a word I want to use. That really bugs me. I hope that it is normal aging and not something more sinister.

I wish as I grew older and slower that my appetite would slow down too. However that bugger seems to be well and going full bore. Just not fair in my opinion.

Well that's all the venting for me today. I am going to go and have a banana chocolate chip muffin that I took out of the over a bit ago. It sure has the house smelling good. I told you the old appetite was good!!!


Monday, February 22, 2010

My Friend Marilyn

Today I lost a very dear Friend. Marilyn hadn't felt the best the last few weeks, a little tired, but attributed it to aging. And that did not keep her down. 2 Sundays ago, we talked in church. That week she went to the doctor and he told her she had cervical cancer. Last Tuesday, she saw the oncologist and they decided to do a CAT scan to see if it was anyplace in her body, and Thursday they decided on no treatment and called in hospice and at 11 this morning, she slipped from earth into the arms of God. I am so sad for me and for her family. This was all so fast.

Cancer is a horrible disease. It lurks in your body and you don't even know it working to destroy you. I pray for a cure for cancer and the early detection of it.

I will miss you Marilyn.... you were such an inspiration to me!!


Friday, February 19, 2010

And Then I Was Laying Face Down In the Driveway

I have come to the conclusion that snowy, icy driveways and I do not get along. The last time it snowed, our snow blower was broken, so I helped Jim shovel, and the result was a sore back and an ankle that really really hurt for a few days. Well I got out of work early today, and it is a beautiful day here and there is still quite a lot of ice on the driveway from the Christmas storm we had. So I figured I would go and get some of it off as it has melted and ran under it and I wanted to get it up. I was almost done when down I went like a porcupine meat ball. I first tried to catch myself on my one hand and I thought, oh oh OH POOP, and down I went sprawled out for all the world to see. Good thing I was wearing pants and a jacket. I learned from the last time I fell on my replaced knee that I probably didn't hurt it, as this time, my hand actually broke the fall a bit. I had the shovel there and I got that sucker anchored in to a good valley of ice and I got myself back on my 2 feet and walked straight into the house. What is out there is going to have to melt on its own for as far as I am concerned!!! I am OK, but that ankle is hurting like the dickens again. DRATS.. I guess it doesn't have enough cushion there to protect it like the rest of my body!!!! I am thankful I am walking and OK.

Kids fall every day and it is no big deal to them. I cant remember falling not being a big deal. Well maybe at the state fair!!

That's all from Ms Cant Stay On Her Feet Even When She is Sober!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Today I wore this beautiful necklace made of garnets. I don't wear it often even though I LOVE it. You see, I am afraid that I will loose it. It is the first piece of "real" jewelry that I have gotten from my children. Tonja gave it to me for Christmas. Her birthstone is the garnet. It is so beautiful and I love it, but every time I wear it, my hand goes to my neck every 30 min or so to make sure it is still there. It will always be a special piece of jewelry for me.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Whew... I will be glad when the 10th of Mar arrives

It has been such a rush month at work. Usually there is a rhyme and reason to how I do things. But this year because one of the gals that helps with the recoveries ( a part of my job) is going on vacation about the time some of them MUST be done she is wanting to work on all of them. Tonight before I left work, I didn't know if my head was on straight. And to top that all off for some reason my right ankle has decided to pain me. And I mean pain. Sometimes it almost collapses on me. I sure cant walk very far. I am thinking it might be arthritis, but if it is this bad, what will happen if it gets worse?

I took the day off yesterday. I was planning to recover from a weekend of entertaining, brunch on Sat and dinner on Sun night. But the Sun night was cancelled and rescheduled for last night so I ended up cooking yesterday. Oh well. Guess it was a good think I had planned on taking the day off.

I have been really struggling with tension and stress to the point that it has caused my heart to skip beats. Over the weekend it was really good and as I was getting dressed this morning to go to work, I could feel all this tension returning to my chest and I ended up having to take a chill pill before I headed into work. You know August 26, 2011 cant come soon enough. I just hope and pray that financially I will be able to retire then.

Well just me spouting off


Friday, February 12, 2010

Up at 4:30

Now that is something that hasn't happened much lately. I have been a slug lately in the mornings and have enjoyed laying in bed and rising late. Today it was 4:30. I woke at 4:15 and at 4:30 I knew it was useless to try to get back to sleep. I was dreaming just before I woke up that my sister Phyllis was giving me a perm and she wanted to keep using these gargantuan rollers in my hair and I kept telling her that is not going to work for me. And Abbe was patiently standing there waiting for her hair to be cut. So when I woke I was thinking of that and when I was trying to go back to sleep, I kept thinking about that, so I said "I have a ton of work to do at work that is giving me nervous breakdowns, I might as well go in".. So the traffic was a breeze and I got here by 6 this morning. So now it is 2:15 and I am thinking it is time to go home, but I have just a couple of small things I need to finish up there then I am going home. A nap actually sounds pretty good.

Jim has the day off and so he is just bumming around. Well actually he had a doctors appointment at 11:30 and all is good. I hope that he is now out grocery shopping. I made a list for him. 2 of his kids and families are coming out for brunch tomorrow and then on Sunday his one son and wife are coming out for dinner. So it is 2 consecutive days of entertaining. I used to love love to do that. But I do blame old age alot, but it is hard for me to do anymore. Maybe there is something else wrong.

I am really wishing I could hear more from Issa. I wrote her today and asked for her phone number. I will try to call her sometime this weekend. They are 6 hours ahead of us, so I need to be mindful of that.

There is something deep inside of me that tells me that she is going to be a "global gal". I personally will hate that. She is my firstborn grandchild and my namesake. But with the Internet connecting is never far away.

Well I just wanted to vent a bit here. I really am hating Facebook. I cant find my friends list there anymore. It stinks!!!

Just me

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


I just feel like writing a bit in my blog. Haven't in a while. I have been going through a depression. I went to the doctor and she gave me a prescription for something to help it, but you know, I really don't want to take another pill. As I have aged, it seems they want to add a new one every other year or so.. So I have not filled this prescription and I don't think I will be doing it. I seem to be crawling out of that hole. The sun seems to be shining (even though it is a cloudy day and a snowy and bad traffic day). I think the longer days help. I do not know how people survive in areas where in the dead of winter they have little to no day light. I am not sure I could. But

TODAY: It is snowy and the traffic was horrible, but I arrived at work safe and sound and because of the goodness of one of the fellows that shares our office and will be gone for a couple of months, I get to park in the warm garage. I am thankful

TODAY: Even tho I complained about getting up this morning and coming to work, I have a very good job and a boss that is second to none. I am thankful

TODAY: I am overweight and it has me down. Yet I live in a country where food is bountiful and every good and healthy food is available to me and I never go hungry. I am thankful

TODAY: I hate taking medications and wish I didn't have to, and yet I live in this country with the best medical care we can get in the world. I am thankful.

TODAY: I wish my house was spotlessly clean but it isn't but yet it is a good sturdy house that has seen us raise 2 great kids and 7 grandchildren and now 4 step grandchildren also grace us there. I am thankful.

TODAY: I am wishing I was independently wealthy yet I never have to go without anything I really need. I am thankful.

TODAY: I wish my husband was tall, handsome and the perfect handyman. But even tho he isn't those he is incredibly kind and good to me and loves me deeply. I am thankful.

TODAY: I desperately wish there were a different person as president of my country, but I am thankful that I have a vote in picking that person. I am thankful.

TODAY: I feel so undeserving of God's goodness. Yet he gave up His own perfect son Jesus Christ so that I can have eternal live. I am so thankful.

So it seems I cant find one thing to complain about that doesn't have a counter part that is way better then what I am complaining about...

TODAY is a good day,,,, and I am thankful