Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Saturday.... last Nov 7th

Eric and family came over and helped us out... bless their hearts and the kids had a little fun and Mamma and Grandpa loved every minute of it.

Here is Mr. Dewey.  This high chair is the high chair that Tonja and Eric used when they were babies.  It has like a little foot rest on it.. Well Dewey figured out he could stand on it.   What an inquisitive, active little guy he is
We have a storm door that can be installed over our patio door.  So Eric and Kim, cleaned those two doors and installed them for us.  Thank you so much.  Earlier, this incompetent when it comes to electronics, had her genius when it comes to it, reprogram the thermostat.  It was coming on as it pleased.  Not to pleasant.  But now... nice and warm when it is suppose to be and cool when we want it cool!!  Thanks again.
 It was a gorgeous day and the kids played outside.   They decided to climb the shed.  Their dad has no fear and tells them "Go ahead"  And then tells them to figure out how they are getting down.  Faith assured him that Mamma would not settle for them trying to get down by themselves.  Eric did take them down the first time, but the 2nd time, and if I had known this I might of had a cow, but they geri-rigged a play car and baby slide to get up and down.. Thank God for angels!!

Dewey playing peek a boo at my sunshine fence´╗┐

The 3 in the tree.  Aren't they beautiful? 
And if you think these pictures look really good,,, well it is because Kim, who is so talented in photography and painting took them for me.  Thanks Kim

So,, there is a little peek into a weekend with the Motebergs