Monday, October 30, 2006

The Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday Jim and I volunteered to man the pumpkin patch which is a fund raiser for the youth of our church. It was he and I and one of the gals from the youth group. Justine is her name. What a spunky sweet gal she is. Was fun to get to know one of the kids anyway.

We sold about $300 worth of pumpkins and gourds in 4 hours. What a hoot. Now they were more expensive then at the supermarket, but it was a fund raiser after all. It was neat hearing how some of the people who didnt even go to our church, would rather pay more for thier pumpkins and help out the kids then to get them elsewhere. What a blessing that is.

I got myself a $9 pumpkin, that I do not intend to carve. Instead I am going to bake it and freeze the pumpkin so that I can make pumpkin pies, and bars and breads.

Eric, Kim and the kids stopped by for a little visit and they were so helpful for that short time they were there. Carrying pumpkins to the car, taking pictures of a family and Faith and Joe playing with the little kids. Thanks guys,, we and the youth really appreciated that!!! After that they went to our home and they raked leaves for us. Thanks again!! When we got home a little after 4, Kim had hot pizza's ready for us. It was a good day. I was really tired last night tho, with being outside in the cool and windy weather, and the time change difference, I was in bed by 8:30. But didnt sleep until 9:30.

I hate time changes,,,,, wish they would leave it one way or the other. I heard that next year they plan to go to daylight time the 1st of March and stay on it until the end of November. Now I ask, why bother changing for 3 months??

Blessings to all


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Back from a short vacation

Hey world, I'm back. I can tell from all your responses to my posts that you have really missed me. (laughing hard here).

Anyway, it was good to get away. We went to the Ammana Colonies in Iowa. It was such a great history lesson, and we expierienced a German communal meal. Yep, they will serve it to even just 2 people. However, there was enough food there to feed 6 or 8. I had sauerkraut salad and wow was it good. And the restaurant even gave me the receipe. I am going to make it sometime for the family. We stayed at a B&B that was an old communal house at one time. Very quaint. Our bed was so high I had to use a stool to get into it, and I am not kidding. We had a hottub/whirlpool in our room and oh that was luscious too. After 2 days there we headed up to Tonja's were we celebrated Lukes (my grandson) 4th birthday. What a little man he is in that house full of women. I really feel kinda sorry for him at times. I am happy that he goes to a daycare with rough and tumble boys. Sunday we went to church with Tonja and family and then we went to New Glarus WI where we learned about the Swiss that settled there. Another interesting bit of history. Monday, we got to have Tonja all to ourselves. So we took her to House On The Rock (really close to her house) . It is an interesting collection of a little of this and a lot of that. I walked the whole 2 1/2 miles with my new knee and it made it. It was a little sore for the next couple of days but today it is good as new, and even stronger I think. From House On The Rock we went to Mt Horeb to the mustard museum and where they sell a thousand different mustards. I have a new favorite for ham/poulty It is called Cranberry mustard. MMMMMMM good. Then we went home and Monday night we went to see Maurissa and Emmalee in thier chorale/band concert at the school. They are very talented young and beautiful women. Tuesday morning it was pack up and back to Minnesota. It was a good trip. So glad that we had the opportunity to go while Jim was off work for those days.

As much as I enjoyed all that we saw and did, it was good to get home to our bed. It welcomed us and craddled us (memory foam toppers are the best thing for sleep in the world) and the mornings since have been rough getting up. This weekend we go back to standard time so it should be easier in the mornings. I dont know why they mess with the time. I am all for just leaving it at daylight savings time all year round.

Anyway, that is what I have been up to. Take care all,,,,


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Looking forward to a few days off

I am looking forward to having a few days away from work and the everyday life. Just to sleep in and stay up late and go where we want and do what we want without thinking, "Oh, I better do this or that which needs doing around the house". Also getting to see my daughter and WI grandkids is something I am looking forward too. You know they grow so fast. It seems if I dont see Faith and JoeMan for a couple of weeks they have grown an inch and the new things they have come up with in just 2 weeks. I can imagine the changes I will see in Abbe and Luke. Just talking to Luke the other night, made me realize he has matured. Well he will be 4. Come on Mamma, what did you think???? (^_^)

Anyway, maybe with getting ready for this little vacation and then actually going maybe some of the days of discontent will fall behind me, and hopefully never catch up with me again.

Blessings to all

Monday, October 16, 2006

Stress - of the unknown cause

Lately, my tummy and my skin has been telling me that I am stressed out!! My tummy by hurting and causing heartburn. My skin by turning black everywhere any metal touches it. From 18 karat gold to white gold it turns my skin black. (interestingly enough, the really cheap jewlery doesnt do that, am I weired or what?)

Anyway, it makes me wonder what I am so stressed out about. Oh, I know there has been some money issues in my life recently, and alot of big dollars flowing out, but that will pass. I do know that there is an underlying discontent that I have no idea where it is coming from. It's just that "thing" that gnaws at me and I just never feel like I am in that content place. It's almost a "greener on the other side of the fence" feeling, and I dont even know what the fence is!! Yeah I know,, I am kooky!!

I pray and I am asking God to help me see and work it out and turn it over to Him.

So,, you who read my blog,,, say a prayer for me


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Twins, Tigers and the cold

Well baseball for me came to an abrupt hault with the Twins being swept by the A's. Dont know which team showed up to play those playoff games but wasnt the Twins that stole the AL Central from the Tigers, well I guess the Tigers GAVE it to them, but none the less. But thier season being done, I was happy that the Tigers stuck it to the Yankees, and last night got the best of the A's..... Go Tigers (Afterall, I am married to a Michigan Sport Teams fan). Speaking of that, last night I spoke to my daughter who lives in WI, and admitted to her that I had bought something that I thought I would NEVER buy and that is a Green Bay Packers sweat outfit for Luke. I would never have done that, BUT,,, it was a great buy. Had been $25 for $5 and well, if I had bought a Vikings outfit for little Luke in WI, he may have gotten beaten up. Now I wouldnt want that. But anyway, Tonja told me that she is forcing herself to like the Packers. I have to admire that. Sure wish my hubby would take a lesson from her!! (^_^)

Now on to the cold. Geeze Louise!!! It feels like winter out there. When I got up this morning it was 46, when I left for work it was 37 and with that wind,,,oooohhhh,, I am NOT ready for winter. According to the weather guys, buy this weekend we should be flirting with 60 again. That is more like it.

Well, I think thats about all the rambling I have in me this morning. Take care all


Friday, October 06, 2006

My Sister, My Freind

Today was a very good day. My sister Judy arrived from ND yesterday and she and her husband stayed with us last night. This morning, we got up and had a leisurely breakfast and about 9 or so her and I headed out to hang out together. We had such a great day. We shopped, we lunched and we shopped some more.

God TRUELY blessed me when he allowed me to be born in to our family and have Judy as my sister. She is so much fun and a more loving and giving person you will never meet. If I could I would make her a Saint!! She already is an angel.

This evening,, after the Twins lost, (sniffle, sniffle) she and Hugo went to spend the rest of the weekend with her daughter and grandkids. I was sad inside, yet at the same time, I KNOW what it is like to want to spend time with your kids and she gets that opportunity less then I do with mine. I hope that she has a wonderful time there.

Just wanted all to know what a great sister I have


Monday, October 02, 2006

A Subdued Celebration

The Twins won the Central Division!!!!!! In my heart I am jumping up and down and celebrating but for the love of my husband, I am keeping it under control. I dont wish losses on the Tigers, except when they are playing the Twins, but Jim just would not understand how I love to let it all hang out and celebrate, no matter WHO it was they ripped the penant away from. But I fear that if I had done my normal celebrating, he would have been VERY VERY upset with me. But I wouldnt do that to him. In that aspect, I really wish I was married to a man that loved Minnesota sports as much as I do.

That said: Way to go Joe Mauer!! The batting champ of the AL!! Way to go Twins on coming from behind when at the beginning of the season all the sports writers were dumping on them and not giving them a snowballs chance in hell of doing anything. The Minnesota Twins are a TEAM!! They dont see one player as more important then the other and WOW,,, they did it. I am looking forward to the playoffs and wish them ALL THE BEST!!!!! GO TWINS!!!!