Monday, November 12, 2007

Been a while since I blogged

It has been a while since I sat down here and put some thoughts and goings on.

It has been a rough couple of weeks for me in some ways. But not as tough as it has been for my sister Phyllis. The reason she has had it so tough is why I am feeling not so good. The doctors found a lump in her neck and breast and they removed them both and both are cancerous. I talked to her last Sat night. She said when they called and gave her the news, she crawled up in God's lap and cried. So any one who reads this, please pray for my sister Phyllis. God tells us in the Bible that he never changes. And Jesus healed when he walked on earth and he can still heal so I would like prayer for my sister's healing.

Other then that bad news, life hasn't been so bad for me. Work is fine and my kids and grand kids are doing well also. One never stops caring/worrying about your family however. Both the adult kids and the precious grand kids. Sometimes I think if I could only have them back under my roof, I could make everything OK for them when they hurt. But I know that isn't so. Life can really stink and we live in a fallen world and no matter how good and kind and wonderful a person is, bad things can still happen. I am glad I can pray for each of them daily.

On the looking forward side,,,, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving next week. I would love to have all the kids and grandkids home for dinner. But... Tonja isn't coming home and Jim's family I think have other plans as well. But we will have Eric and Kim and the kids and that will be great. And then when Thanksgiving is over we can start to decorate for Christmas with the anticipation of seeing all of them. Life can be good too.

Thanks for stopping in.

God bless you