Monday, October 26, 2009

2 Trick or Treaters

My my my,,, that little Luke looks mean.. He is a Ninja, and Abbegale is a pirate princess. Arent they just the cutest??? Well Luke doesnt look so cute there, but still....

Monday, October 19, 2009

The "Let Down"

No matter how hard I try to keep a right frame of mind, after Tonja has been here and Eric and family hang out, and they all go home, I have this deep let down. I feel like all energy is zapped from my body and I don't feel like doing a thing. Now I know it is NOT because I do so much work when they are there, as Tonja is a trooper in the kitchen and Kim and Eric help when they are at the house too. And Jim bless his heart is my laundry king and he loves to do laundry and I let him at it. I suppose some of it is when they are there, it makes me feel young again. I love having all the grandchildren around (even if I might tick off the older girls sometimes with my ideas) I guess my kids have come to accept and if not accept, they don't say much about my idiosyncrasies. But I do LOVE having my family around. And it has gotten easier, as I think Jim is accepting them a little better then he did when we were first married. It was a huge adjustment for him, but then we talked about it before we got married, but talking about it and living it are 2 different things.

Well I am just yammering... just getting out some thoughts.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

October 10th

Today it is th 10th of Oct and we had snow last night. Seriously,.. that is NUTS I woke up at 2:30 and it was almost a blizzard out there. I think we only got an inch or so but it is now 1 pm and it is still hanging around and the temp is only 38. I am hopping for a REALLYY LOOOOONG Indian summer. I am posting a couple of pics I took this morning.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

How did it happen?

How did it happen that this little old gal from ND got so into sports. This is the 4th straight days of big sports games and my tummy is getting all upset from being in knots. First it was the Gophers and WI Badgers football game on Sat.. Gophers lost :( then on Sat and Sun it was the Twins playing for their playoff lives, and they handled those pretty good. Then Monday it was the Vikings and Packers and the Vikings won... :) and now it is the Twins and Tigers in the playoff game for the division champions. It is now in the bottom of the 11th inning and the Twins are coming up to bat. I hope they get a run. They were about 6 inches from winning it in the 10th. I cant take much more of this!!! Even tho whoever wins has to go and play the Yankees in NY tomorrow in less then 20 hours. They are going to be tired boys. I try to tell myself what will be will be... but I find myself getting all in knots and rooting for them so hard.

Well that's my blabber for tonight.


Friday, October 02, 2009

A place to vent without all the world knowing

Here it is the end of a week after the end of vacation. Jim and I had a great time. We saw a lot of neat stuff and we went went went and didn't realize it until we got home last Sunday when we both colapsed into our chairs. It wasn't until yesterday that I felt like I had some of my energy back. One just doesn't realize how much vacation can take out of a person. The thing I really like the least about a vacation is staying in hotels. However we stayed at LaQuinta hotels for all but one night and they do have the most comfortable beds. I didn't have a complaint of any of the beds for comfort. We saw Andrew Jackson's home, the Grand Ole Opry, Studio B where Elvis did all his recordings, the Country Music, NFL, and Rock and Roll Halls of fame. All were very awesome. But some of our best times were when we connected with relatives and freinds that we had not seen in some time. Gil's sister in Nashville, our friends from Livonia, MI met us in Cleveland, Jim's daughter in Chicago and my daughter in Merrimac, I guess it those things what we hold most dear to our hearts that we enjoy the most.

When we returned, we had a 5 gallon pail of tomatoes that we picked from the garden. So on Monday night I canned 9 pints of tomatoes, (the very ripest). Those 2 tomato plants that we planted were super producers for us. Kim picked a couple dozen while we were gone, and I had picked many and given away before we left. I think that maybe they will slow down now with the cold damp weather that arrived when we got home. I hope that we have some nice weekends, as we need to get out there and clean out the garden beds and get them ready for winter.

I have been so busy on the evenings besides the canning on Monday night with things that have needed to be done that I really need to get to a grocery store and do some serious grocery shopping. Tomorrow we are going to take Faith out for a birthday lunch as we wont be celebrating her birthday with the family until the 17th when we will be celebrating Faiths and Luke's together, as Tonja and family will be here that weekend. I will have to think of something special to do for Luke on his birthday date on the 24th. Have to put my thinking cap on.

On Sunday night there is a business meeting at church. I normally don't do church business meetings but there were so many changes while we were gone those 2 Sunday from church. Our pastor took a 2 month sabbatical as he was emotionally and mentally worn out, then our worship leader for the 2nd service quit. WOW,, I was blown away, so I am a little interested to see where the church is going to steer the flock during this time. After the business meeting there is a concert so I am sure that will be good.

We have been needing rain so bad. Yesterday and today are rainy. I am very very happy about that, but it makes me want to curl up with my blankie and take naps. Oh maybe that is cuz I am still recovering from vacation (^_^)

I want to start a "Crossroads List", like Craig's list for our church. I mentioned it to one of the elders but I have not heard a word back from him, so I imagine the rest of the elders were not to hep on that. (pout) I think it would be a great way for a body of Christ to give to each other or help each other out. Oh well. Guess it wasn't meant.

Well I have gone on long enough,, I guess I am vented out.