Sunday, October 28, 2007

Then there was the carving!!!

Kim and Eric decided to carve us some pumpkins. They said they couldnt be partial so they made a Viking's pumpkin for me a University of Michigan pumpkin for Jim. (However, I gotta love them, the Viking one is bigger ;-)

On the deck table
On the front porch!
Thanks Eric and Kim
We love you

Grand kids?

Yesterday we had Eric and family out. I asked Joe and Faith to make the scariest face they had and this is what I got!!
Later they got into costume for a Trunk of Treat at the YMCA and this is what they looked like. Now Faith is NOT scarey, she is beautiful.. But that little Joe... Hmmmm I cant remember his name but Darth something, and he looks bad to the bone. Can you tell that thier father might be influencing them as to what characters to be??? Both Star Wars characters

Arent I blessed??


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Luke

Today is my grandson Luke's 5th birthday. This is a picture of him from this past weekend when we were in WI and we celebrated his birthday.. He loves Nascar and he loves cars. So this is my handsome little dude. Happy Birthday Luke, you are loved Lots and LOTS

Some more baring the soul

This past weekend we spent with my daughter and family in Wisconsin. I just plain don't get to see them enough. With the cost of gas, one thinks twice before just getting in the car and barreling to WI. However, with Jim's car we make it there on 1/2 a tank of gas, so maybe that isn't the real reason. Maybe it is we live too busy lives. Too many irons in the fire, and then there is the big "W" word that gulps up such a huge chunk of time. Anyway, today is my grandson Luke's 5th birthday. I will post a picture of him later today. He is such a handsome young man and alllll boy. But he is so polite and has that heart of gold, and who can resist a grandson that comes and hugs you and says he loves you and asks if I would stay there with them. Awwww... Luke the Duke - I love you and I miss you and I hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you.

Work has been very slow. Seriously the work I do in a week, could all be done in one day if I put my mind to it. I wish I could stay home half time, but I get paid full time and they want me here "just in case". My bosses are the best and I want to be here when they need me, even if it is just to ask me how much money we have in the bank accounts.

My sister Phyllis has a lump in her throat that has to be removed. She had a biopsy on Monday and Friday she will find out the results and they are going to remove the lump no matter what. So, if you read this, please say a prayer for her that it wont be cancerous.

My heart goes out to the people in the San Diago area of California. I pray that God will stop the winds and they can get those fires under control. They say that is the only thing that will stop the fires. Some of Kim's (my daughter in law) family evacuated their home yesterday. I guess the wind changed today and so they are going to go back and see if it is safe to go back home. How unhealthy for the lungs with all that smoke. We had strong winds here yesterday. I can only imagine how fast fire would spread in a tinder box area with winds like that.

I am so unenthused today. I went on line and read about depression. Of the 10 symptoms they listed I had 8. I am not thinking about killing myself and this hasn't gone one for weeks and months. So I am thinking I am just having a bad day and hey,, the sun is even shining and still I am down. Sometimes I think I get to feeling this way because I paint myself into a corner and feel like I have no way out. I hate when I do that and in some ways, I am feeling that way lately.

Well I have put into words some of my thoughts. Maybe it will help my mood.

Blessings to all who read!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


This is a blog about a couple of thing that have gotten under my skin. So if you don't want to hear some steam being blown off,,, don't read.

First: Communication between the pharmacy and the doctors office. On 10/9 I brought a prescription in to be refilled. The prescription had expired, but I have taken this medication for 15 years or maybe more. Well I went in on the 11th an they said they had not heard, so they re-faxed for permission. I called on Monday the 15th and they had not heard back, they re-faxed the request. I called Tue morning,, Nope they had not heard. So I called my doctors nurse and left a message regarding I had been without the medication since Sunday night. No response, so I called the doctors office again yesterday afternoon,,, still no response. I went to the pharmacist as she told me she would give me a 3 day supply (as I needed them). I was hoping that they would have called, but NOPE.. So I went right across the highway to my doctors office and filled out a form and complaint. When I got to work this morning, I had a call from my doctors nurse (from 5:30 last night) saying sorry and some lame excuse there just were so many refill requests. Come on!!!!!! It drives me nuts.

Cell Phones: I hate that we have become a society that depends on cell phones. Now I know that neither my daughter or any of her family own one. They must be one of the few families in the US that doesn't. Well somehow, after my hubby used my cell phone on Friday night it did not get back into my purse and tada... it was lost. So I went to get a new one last night. The cheapest one they had was $80. But of course if I extended my contract 2 years I could get it for free, and I figure what the heck, I have had them for 6 years already, I might as well keep it. BUT,,, now I have a new phone and I try like the dickens to understand all those gadgets and widgets on it, and I am technology challenged. I just want a phone that rings and I can answer and one I can make a call on,, but nooooooo they don't make such things anymore!!!!

Tenants Who Don't Pay Their Rent: When I took this job I told them that if bill collecting was part of it, I really wasn't interested. They assured me all I would have to do is send out some notices and make a few phone calls. Well now it seems I have become the bill collector. That IS the part of my job that I do NOT like. When you call these tenants, they want to make you feel like it is YOUR fault that they don't have much business. Even if it is something wrong with the center they are barking up the wrong tree talking to me. I have no authority when it comes to making any decision over them. I try to tell them that but they just rant and rant. I get to retire in a few years. I will be glad to give up bill collecting!!! It is NOT what I do.

Well I am done venting for the day. Sorry folks..


Friday, October 12, 2007

My JoeMan

I just had the biggest lift in a morning. I had a phone call from my JoeMan (my grandson). He says Hi and I ask him what he is doing and he says that he is playing a game with Mom and building with his new Lego's. I asked what he was building and he said a fortress. I asked what it was protecting and he said Nothing. I told him fortresses are to protect something. He said he was going to combine his with "Kim's (his mom) and make a Super Fortress and then it would protect his Pokemon!!!! Then he abruptly said "Good Bye" and hung up. What a hoot he is. He makes my heart sing. Thank you God for JoeMan!!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I am feeling very yucky today. I woke up during the night last night, around 2, and I felt sick to my stomach, so I made my way to the bathroom, by the time I got there and sat on the john, I was feeling so dizzy. Then I was hot and then cold and then I went and sat in the recliner. I dozed off and I had a dream that someone was in the house with all the lights off and I was trying to scream "Who are you", and Jim came running cuz I was making a lot of racket and he was wondering if I was OK. So I told him yes, ti was a dream, so I went back to bed, but I did not sleep well. I have talked to several people who have been experiencing vertigo. It must be a bug going around. I hope it leaves me soon, cuz I feel like I am in la-la land. OK some of you may think that is normal,,, but this is NOT!!! I finally got to work around 8:30 but one time during my commute I thought I was going to have to pull over because of it, but it passed quickly. I just have to remember to move slowly!!!

When I got to work, it is sooooo cold in here. This stupid building doesn't turn on the heat until after Oct 15th or something stupid like that, so it was only 62 in here. I am glad that I have Carol's space heater, but as soon as she comes in she is going to want it, so I hope everything has warmed up good in here and will stay that way for a while.

Well that's, all for today


Tuesday, October 09, 2007


There are things rattling around in my brain, so I am going to just put them down. Maybe some of this should be in a private journal. But then I don't think too many people bother to check in on what I ramble on about.

Weather: Sunday Humid and temps in the upper 80s. Monday: Cloudy, rainy and temps in the 50's. That sounds very absurd, and it is, but for Minnesota it isn't all that crazy. The Midwest of the USA has some of the widest weather swings. And even tho when it happens we are all in awe of it, but if you look at weather history, you find that it happens often.

3 Years and 3 Couch and chairs: Jim teases me that I need to join the couch of the year club. Me changing furniture that often is insane, as anyone who knows me will attest too. The first one I bought, I bought for the color. I never did like the style (loose pillows for the back). So the next year I ordered a very expensive couch and chair with the tight back style. I liked it. BUT, 1 year later, the fabric on the chair is fraying and the cushions on the couch are all squished. I am so thankful that I purchased the warranty, as it enabled me to return it for store credit for the full amount. So yesterday they delivered a love seat and chair. I realize that all these years that I have lived in that house, that my living room is much more suited for a love seat then a couch. Especially now, since I want to get another recliner. Jim and I both love the recliner but we have only one. Now Jim lets me sit in it most of the time, but I want one for both of us, so I think this new set is going to be the one. At least I hope so.

Books on CD: I am one happy girl that they came up with that idea. I am not a reader, but I do have a long commute to work, and I have listened to some very good books on the way to work these last 7 years. An author who is fantastic for suspense and action is David Baldacchi. If you read none of his other books, you must read "The Winner". It will have your hair standing on end and kept at rapt attention. The book I am listening to now is called "The Gazebo". It is one of those books that you "live". I don't want it to end, but I will finish it on my way home tonight. Another series that I love are the "Mittford Series" written by Jan Karon. I urge you to read them if you have not. Very good.

Aging: I don't want to age, but unless I do, I will die. But with age comes wisdom which is a very good thing. Now I am a firm believer in God and trust that he knows what he is doing. But sometimes I think wisdom is wasted on old age. Somehow it would be nice if we were born with all this wisdom that living gives us. I look at my teenage granddaughters and I think how much they would benefit from the wisdom that I have learned growing older. And no matter how much I or their parents tell them, they think we are just "old fashioned" when what we are telling them comes from a heart of love and experience which has given us wisdom. Oh my granddaughters are very good girls. But do you know of a teen that would not benefit from the wisdom parents or grandparents have?

Well I guess that is about all that I have rattling around in my brain right now.

Blessing to all who enter and read and double blessings to those who let me know they have been here.


Saturday, October 06, 2007

Summer in October in Minnesota

Today is October 6th. A time in Minnesota when we should be wearing heavy long sleeved shirts and raking leaves and cleaning out gardens. But today it was 85 the humidity was about the same and the wind which has been none stop lately has blown the leaves up against fences. I guess that part is OK. It will be easier to gather them. But alas, there are still many to fall from the trees. The wind and rain have done a job on our beautiful fall color we usually get here. The bright yellows, oranges and red leaves pretty much have been blown from the trees about as fast as they turn. After having a dry dry summer, this fall has been very wet. Within the last 3 weeks we have gotten about 9 inches of rain. Nutty weather. I just hope that this ease of liquid to fall from the sky doesn't continue into winter when that 9 inches of rain could turn into 60 - 90 inches of snow!!! UGH!!

Well just wanted ya all to know (who don't live in MN) what is going on with our weather here. But listening to the news and to friends and relatives, it seems the weather around the world is strange. Is it a sign of the times??

Blessings to all



A couple of weeks ago I had my yearly female check up. All looked good. Then last Wednesday when I got home from work, I had a message from North Suburban Radiological for me to call them. That call made my heart rise to my throat. So, Thursday morning I called and they told me the doctor that read the mamo's saw something on my left breast that she wanted to look at further and I needed to come in for some more x-rays. After prayer with my son and after I talked to the gal, I felt a little more at ease but you know that gnawing at your gut is always there until it is done. She told me I would get the results immediately so I was happy about that. So Friday afternoon I went to the breast center and they x-rayed my left breast again. And OUIE!!!! Did they squish that poor thing. I had to wait while she took the films to the doctor. When she walked in and said "I have good news, all is clear and you don't need to come back for more tests." I wanted to jump up and hug her. I guess I hadn't realized how "tight" I had been about it even if in my conscious mind I really wasn't worried. But anyway, I am happy that it was just a little blur on the film and all is OK. Praise the Lord!!!!!

But this is a reminder to all you ladies out there. DON'T NEGLECT TO GET YOUR YEARLY MAMO'S!!!!!

Blessing to all who enter and read.


Monday, October 01, 2007

What Is Going On?

In 2 days in 2 different ways my 2 kids have communicated to me things that are toppsy turvey in their lives. Whats with that? If there is one thing in my life that cuts me to the quick is to see my kids suffering in any way, be it emotional, or physical or spiritual.

Sometimes I am so jealous of Gil. He got his ticket to heaven before all these adult children upheavals began to happen. The thing with adult kids, the only thing one can do is pray, pray and pray some more. Sometimes it seems as if those prayers are just going into thin air. But then I remember that each one of those individuals involved all have a free will and God will not over ride that. So decisions they make they have to pay the consequences. The Bible tells us, what we sow, we reap. I know I taught them that through words and them seeing that in my life what I sowed, I am reaping. But I guess we all have to learn it through the school of hard knocks.

Anyway,,,, I do pray for them, and if you come and visit this site, will you pray for them too?

Thank you