Sunday, May 30, 2010

Please pray

Please pray for my sister-in-law Joyce and her hubby!!


I had to wonder last night when I contacted my daughter.... she was playing Family Fued on the computer and chose to do that over conversing with me..... So dont feel bad Pat when your girls dont contact you often, if I didnt call her I wonder if we would talk more then once a year. I do have to say she does email OCCASIONALLY...

OK... Guilt poured on Tonja?????

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Ahhhhhhhhhhh a Saturday with no demands and no place to go but those places we want to go. I didn't get up until 8 then Jim and I had coffee and muffins on the deck and sat and talked until 10:30!! The time flew. It was a perfect morning and I guess we had some catching up to do. I wouldn't trade a minute. Then it was in the house and I made a rhubarb/strawberry pie. I think I have this one down pat,,, finally after trying about 10 different recipes and having to throw alot of them away. After then it was my choice to micro clean our bedroom. Man does it smell nice and fresh in there now. Then it was on to the bathrooms and bless Jim's heart he got on his hands and knees and got the floors scrubbed for me.

Then I decided I wanted to find some pictures for the reunion book that my dear daughter in law is working on and I couldn't find either of them that I was looking for. However, you have to know there are probably 30 albums to go through and once you start those things time gets away from you all too fast. I think that is alot, but I know that is only a fraction of the photo albums that my sister Judy has. Thank God for digital!!

Anyway, I called Judy and told her the pictures I was looking for, and she was quite sure she knew where she had a copy of both pictures I wanted (one of mom and dad and us 8 kids and then one of Viv and her first husband), she is sooooooo organized. So we chit chatted for a bit and then it was time to make dinner. After dinner Jim and I went out and finished planting the planters on the deck, so now all that is done. Now God and mother nature need to make things grow, as long we make sure they have the water..

Now I have taken my shower and as soon as Jim gets out of the shower, we will be having a piece of pie with some ice cream. Not so good just before bed,,, but I will make it small,, that is good, right??? (^_^)

Well that's all the chit chat I have in me tonight... just rambling here.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A borning afternoon at work

Well I have had not much to do today. Did a bit of filing and cut a check and closed out 2009 for a couple of the entities, I don't like to do it until fall really as you just never know when those CPA's decide they need to amend the previous year. BUT.. for these 2 it is too late.

I still feel stiff and sore from the yard work last night. I do not like it and don't do it often and I use muscles that I use only for that purpose and well they were not happy with me today. I got all the planting done except for the couple of pots I am going to keep on the deck.

I am glad to be having a long weekend. I want to get out to the cemetery this week to put flowers on Gil's grave. I will never go to Ft. Snelling on Memorial day again!! I went the first year after Gil passed away,,, I was in the cemetery and it took me 1 hour to drive to where Gil's grave was AFTER I got into the cemetery. I do not feel bad not going on Memorial Day. Gil would tell me that it is nuts to do that. So I will go out tomorrow night or Friday afternoon. It is sobering to go to that cemetery and realize that all those people there gave their life for our country. And that is just a smidgen of the people who have given their lives. Thank you our military personnel. I appreciate all you do for me.

I have been listening to Patchy's 50 and 60's music on line this afternoon. Wow, it sure does bring back the memories, and then I feel young until I am going to stand up and move. Then I am very aware that I am growing older.

I so want to loose some of this weight I carry around. I swear I have a gene in me that makes me want to eat stuff that is not good for me. Heck I like what is good for me too, so it isn't that, I just eat too much of it. I wonder of acupuncture would help with weight loss. I should check it out. Maybe there is some needle that would short circuit that want to eat urge.

Well I guess I am done rattling on and on.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pedicures - my guilty pleasure

I just came back from getting a pedicure. I absolutely love them. I get them about once every 3 or 4 months, but if I had my dithers, I would have them at least once a month. I love how my feet feel after a pedicure, I love how my toe look after a pedicure (usually I dont like the way they look so much even if they serve me well), and well I just feel all around better after I have one. Today I chose pink for the nail polish color. In the fall and winter I usually have a red color, but today I felt like pink,, and I really like it!!

Now that I am back form the nail salon, it is off to getting summer clothes out and winter clothes packed down. I don't have alot, but it is some and most of what I have in my closet now, just isn't going to work for how humid days, which is what we are to have all next week. It is a good day to do it... It is raining out right now, and we do need the rain so that is good too.

Anyway,, that's whats on my heart today

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Don't Get It!!!!

You know if I live to be a hundred and eighty, I will never figure out Jim's kids. Jim has a daughter that was working in Chicago and has moved back to the Twin Cities. That in itself is not so strange, but what is strange is that she must have known for a little while that she was coming back and I understand she has physically been here for about a week and she has not bothered to call and tell her Dad. I just plain don't get it!!!! So they don't communicate alot, and I can tell you it has not been for a lack of Jim trying, but something that major one would think out of common courtesy a call would be made.

Oh well, I guess if he can deal with it then I need to keep quiet and let him deal with it how he wants. But I have to say again,,,, I just don't get it.

You might ask how I found out? Well Jim had lunch with his eldest son. They have lunch quite often, which I think is GREAT, and he told Jim this little, "by the way" fact.