Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Sunday 2011

After a week of having cool and rainy weather, Easter Sunday dawned sunny and warm.  Eric and family came out Saturday night and spent the night with us, and went to church with us.  So here they are
Eric, Josiah, Faith, Kim and Andrew

 After church and when dinner was being served, Eric and I took the plastic eggs, (below) and went about hiding them around the yard.  Tonja's family was not able to be with us.  :(   I do have to share something cute that my grandson Luke said.  Tonja had taken him to an Easter egg hunt in the small town in which they live.  When they got home, he told his mom "I thought they were going to be real Easter eggs, and here they are just plain hard boiled eggs"..  I guess real Easter eggs has changed meanings. (^_^)
 Here are the grandkids that were present, with baskets in hand ready to hit the yard looking for those treasured eggs.
Back row:  Faith, Brianna and Dakota
Front Row:  Josiah, Nate, Noah and the little guy way in the front is Mr. Dewey
A fun time was had by all.  However, there was at least one egg that was not found as the next day I looked out and here was a squirrel rolling one of the eggs around, picking it up and trying to nibble on it and in the end gave up and left it.. Well as long as I watched.  It did disappear!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Baking Success

Well Praise The Lord and Pass the Amunition!!  That is an old saying, but that is how I felt like shouthing tonight when I tried a new cookie recipe and it turned out.  These are salted peanut cookies.  I got them mixed up and did a test cookie but they just seemed rather bland, so I threw in come chocolate chips and yummy.  They are crisp and will go oh so well with a cup of coffee!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Trip to The Myers

This past Friday Jim and I left here at 2 to travel to Tonja's in WI.  We went for a long weekend.  We got there around 6:30 or so, and had some dinner and visited with them and hugged on the kids.  Sat morning Luke had a soccer game at 9.  The following are some pictures I took at the game.  Here I caught coming towards me in this pictures.

 They all have to take turns playing different positions and Luke was not too impressed playing goalie.  He said it was sooo boring.  But we reminded him that him not having much to do was a sign his team was doing good.  It didn't help too much the bored feeling, I guess.
 This is a shot of the troop watching the game.  Emma, Tonja, Maurissa and Jim standing with his cup of coffee.  Abbe was off playing somewhere.  It was chilly out there that morning.
 And this is the end of the "great game" hand thingy.
 At noon, Luke had a flag football game.  So after the soccer game we went and got a bite to eat and then off to the football game.  Here are a couple of shots from there.  This one with the team
 And this one a close up of my Honey Boy.
 Sat afternoon I took Emma, Abbe and Luke to see HOP.  Jim and I had taken Joe and Faith and so I figured I would take them too.  They enjoyed it, and it wasn't too bad to sit through a 2nd showing of it.  It is kinda funny.

Sat night we played a game called Settlement (I think) it was a fun kind of strategy game, and of course Tonja won!!.  Sunday morning we went to church and after church came home and had some lunch.  After lunch Jim and I tossed the football around with Luke and Abbe for about an hour.  It was VERY VERY warm on Sunday and I had not packed summer clothes.. UGH    I have to tell you I am the saddest excuse for someone trying to throw a football.  Come on Sandi, it cant be that hard.  I am telling you the truth, I could only heft that thing about 20 feet or so, and here is Luke my 8 year old grandson, chucking that ball 20 yards or more.  I was totally embarrassed!!!  After that Jim and I played Settlement again with Luke and Abbe.  When that was done, it was time for us to get ready to go to Madison.  We went to have dinner at the restaurant where Maurissa works.  It is a very upscale restaurant and if Maurissa would not have gotten a 50% discount, we would not have eaten there.  All the food was so yummy.  Their trademark is to serve 3 dipping sauces with each entree'.  All soooo good. 

Here is a picture of Emmalee and Mauarissa before we left for Madison.

After dinner, we attended on the UofWI campus, a comedy Improv show that Maurissa is part of.  Let me tell you it was VERY good.  We laughed so hard and if I must say so, Maurissa was the brightest star of the troop.  She is a very funny gal!!!

After that we headed home, leaving Emma to spend the night with Maurissa.  By the time we got home both Luke and Abbe were sound asleep in the back seat, so they went in got their jammies on and went right to bed,  Gpa Jim did the same thing.  I sat and visited with Tonja for a bit then I hit the sack too. 

Tonja called the school this morning and told them that the kids would be late for school, as their grandparents were there and we wanted to spend a bit more time with them.  We fixed them breakfast and Abbe said, this is just like being at your house, only we are in WI.  So sweet.

A funny mystery.  We had gotten a dozen doughnuts on Sat and there were 3 left this morning.  Jim saw them, I saw them and Abbe saw them.  Abbe went to take a shower and when I got in the kitchen there were only 2 doughnuts left.  Both the kids and Jim and I had not taken one.  But Abbe said she had left the cover open on the box, so we are assuming that one of the dogs decided to have a doughnut for breakfast.  I hope they didn't have an upset tummy today!!!

About 10 we were packed and ready to go, so we brought the kids to school.  Here they are standing out in front of their school.
Always hard to say good bye to them.  We hadn't seen them since Christmas.  But they will be here in less then 4 weeks.  We hope, with the price of gas going up and up and up... who knows.  I hope they can come

So that was our weekend in WI.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

I'm Growing Older

Today I was watching something that someone sent me that was a funny joke about older people.  I was listening to it, and all of a sudden it struck me.  I AM GROWING OLD!! 

For someone who is still young and fighting a horrible disease, I am sure that is something that they are looking forward to, and it is my prayer that they all get to experience it.

  I so looked forward to retiring.  What I didn't think about was what came with that retirement age. 

It seems I need the TV a bit louder and I say excuse me when someone speaks to me from time to time as it came across as a mumble.  I find that I am needing much more light to read and sew by.  My joints get sore with the change of the weather and my steps are slower.  I can no longer run (well it has been a while since I did that) but I was able to move alot faster.  It takes me longer to remember things that used to be right at the forefront of my mind and when I sit down to watch TV my eyelids want to go shut. 

What can I say?  Do I like this?  No I don't.  There may have been a way to stave off this if I had started earlier taking better care of this body.  But here I am near retirement and hoping that I will be able to enjoy it.