Thursday, May 31, 2012


Well I think retirement is really close.  In some ways I can hardly wait and in other ways, I am scared poopless.  What scares me?  Well first of all will the money last?  Secondly, how will I take being home day after day? 

When I talk to my retired friends, they tell me they find they don't have enough time in the day to do all the things they want to do.  Somehow, I cant wrap my mind around that.  I am home for 5 days in a row and I start to go a bit stir crazy.  I am guessing they are finding other things to fill their days. 

The money?  Well I guess that will be what it will be.  I have lived with little before in my life, so I know how to do it.  It just isn't very much fun.

The next couple of months will determine,, when I retire.  I have been really restless about it.  I think once the final decision is made, I will be more at peace.  I sure hope so.  The one thing I know is that I have asked God to be in all this and lead and guide so I am trusting however it turns out, it is how he knows what is best for me and mine.


At 6:59 AM , Blogger Pat said...

Changes are never easy. One day at a time girl!

and I too remember a time when I had little money and I honestly say I was happier. But I was also young and stupid. But I do find I need less as time goes on. Maybe the novelty of having "things" has worn off.


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