Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summertime, and the living is HOT

I am here because I am just plain bored, so I figured I would just rattle on here. It is hot today. I think it is near 90 already. I left for work at 7 and a soft rain was falling and it was hot and it was like walking out into a sauna. I haven't left the building since I got to work so no idea but from what I see on my weather station on line it is still that way and it is to be hot for the next few days. Oh the dog days of summer!! I hope that it is not too bad outside tonight after work. I bought 5 Stella Dora day lillies and I want to get them planted. They were such a good deal. I really was going to get only 3 of them but 3 of them at the little nursery near us cost about $35 or $40 and I got 6 for $30.. So the math made sense to me. I do not have yellow out in my gardens so it will be a nice addition. AND,, they are perennials, and are supposed to be hardy at that. After that is done I will come in shower and sit down and watch the Twins. Hopefully they will win tonight. If they do then they will be only 1/2 game out of first and if they sweet the White Sox they will be in first place. You gotta love those young guys. None but Morneau known for his home runs and they have managed to be at the top all year. GO TWINS.

I no more then get that out of my mouth and I smile and say.. Ahhhh my Vikings are in training camp. I know they are not picked to be the best team in the NFL, but they are my team and I sure do love to watch Vikings football.

My sister is coming to town this weekend. I am looking forward to at least having breakfast with her. She spends most of her time with her daughter, and that is to be expected.

I planted green beans in 2 large pots on the deck this year. Last year I tried pole beans and just got hardly any beans. This year I planted bush beans and wow, I have picked in over 100 beans off those plants and there are a few more to pick. It is now in its 2nd blooming and I know I wont get as many but maybe 50. It has been more then enough for Jim and I to have fresh this summer. My cukes are just becoming large enough to eat, and for some reason the cukes out of my garden are so sweet. I think it must be the soil. The tomatoes are there but not even turning yellow yet. With all this humidity and heat you would think they would hurry up. I am eager for that first BLT made with tomatoes from my garden. I have found a restaurant right near where I work called Kip's. It is actually an Irish Pub, but I have had the best BLT's that I have ever had when I ordered them out. I was glad I found that out.

Well I guess I have rattled on long enough....

Blessing to all who read and double blessings to those that let me know they were here!! (^_^)

Friday, July 25, 2008

New Glasses

Yup,,, I got new glasses. No not drinking glasses but eye glasses. Funny how your face looks all different with different frames. Also, I had forgotten that there is an "adjusting" curve to every new pair of glasses. Right now I feel like I cant focus. But I know that I need to give it a few days and my eyes will adjust to not having to strain. At least I hope that is what will happen.

I also got prescription sunglasses. I hope that I like them. I know that I cant read very well when I am wearing them, but then most of the time when I wear them I wont be reading but driving or walking and so, those to activities don't go so well with reading.

The thing is, I just downsized my purse big time as I have developed tendinitis in my left arm and I think the right might be close, so the cure for that is to not do heavy or repetitive things with that arm. Well my work I cant adjust but I can give up the big honkin purse. So I did. Now,, I have little room to carry anything. In fact yesterday I went to go to Costco and the library and I hadn't put the cards for those places in the new little bag, so I got them and put them in there, I do not know where I am going to keep a pair of sunglasses. Guess they will just stay in the car and that is where I will use them. But with 2 cars in the family, sometimes that creates a problem too.

Well I do like the glasses.. and I am sure next week at this time, I will be seeing just fine and not feeling like I am adjusting all of the time.

That's all


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Myer's Good News

A couple of weeks ago, Tonja and Will called me to tell me that Will had interviewed for another position with the state of WI and that he got the job. Way to go Will. Today Will called to tell me that the job came with a substantial pay increase. Yaaaaaa Hooooo... It is time that Tonja's family get a healthy dose of good news. I am so happy for them. I am hoping and praying that this is just the first of many GOOD things that will be coming their way. God knows they have paid their share of the bad things.

It really does this Mom's heart good to know that. My heart feels lighter and I feel hope in my heart for that family. Sometimes in the past, it hasn't always been that way. Thank you God.

Well I just wanted to share that bit of information.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend in WI part 3

Here are some pictures just taken randomly this past weekend. We went to a breakfast buffet on Sunday morning and most of the pictueres were taken at the casino where we had teh breakfast. This is Maurissa and her freind John

This is Luke hamming it up at home on the deck

This is Emma and her freind Matt
This is all of us being DORKS..

Trip to WI Part 2

The other birthdays celebrated were Will's and Emmas. Here are the 3 birthday people posing for a picture with Luke looking on

Here is Emma, blowing out her ONE birthday candle.

Trip to WI. Part One

One of the reasons we traveled to WI this past weekend was to see Abbe play her beginners baseball. What a fun time it was to see her. And the rain held off until the game was over. Thank you God. Here she is in the outfield

Here she is batting.
Another reason was to celebrate brithdays and Abbe's was one of them. Here she is pretty as a picture in her birthday dress.
We actuallyl took in another activity of hers, she was in a play and she did such a good job. I am so proud of you Abbe. And I love you LOTS
Mamma (that is Sandi to the rest of you)

Weekend with the Motebergs

The Moteberg Clan
Gil's oldest sister and daughter always host a family gathering the weened around the 4th of July. It was so fun to go and see them all. They all accept Jim as part of the family and are so kind to us. They truely treat us as family. BUT,,,, it is inevitable that I will go away from those gatheirng with a hallow feeling in my heart. But I do thank God for all of them. I love them all and so happy that I can call them my family.
God bless you all

Sunday, July 06, 2008

When I get old I am not going to - - - - - - -

Some of the things we say when we are young, are said because we have not had the experience to say otherwise.

When I was in my 20's and 30's I would sometimes get upset with my Mom when she would say "Oh I wish I could go back to this age or that age". I used to think to myself, "Mom, be happy where you are and what you are living and enjoying today". I can see now where that is sometimes VERY hard to do. I do try to live for today, and enjoy this moment, but with age and experience, comes what we used to know. It is hard not to pine for those days.

Yesterday we spent the day with the Moteberg family. I knew it was bound to bring up all kinds of memories and longings, and I found myself last night and this morning thinking "I wish I could go back to - - - -". And during one of those wishful moments, I was reminded in my spirit of those thoughts towards my Mom about she should be happy with the here and now. Most of the time I am, but I understand now that one cant help but long for a time when things seemed simpler and easier. When it seemed you had a little more control of what was happening in your world (family).

I know that I need to daily give my family to God and entrust them to His loving guiding hand and care. I KNOW that HE is able to do that much better then I can, yet,,,,, what can I say, I want the best for them, and sometimes to this ladie's eyes, it seems that it isn't happening the way I want it too. God help me!!

So Mom,,,, I am sorry!!! I now understand


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary Judy and Hugo

My sister Judy and her hubby Hugo celebrated 25 years of wedded bliss on May 28th. But we didnt have a party for them until June 28th. A few freinds and family gathered at the Fredonia Cafe and had dinner and congratulated them and wished them another 25 years at least of wedded happiness.
Happy Anniversary Judy and Hugo. I love you and I am do happy that you are my sister and brother in law.

Maurissa Graduates

Yes, Maurissa Sandra graduated. She graduated June 6th. It was a beautiful Friday night, but the day had been warm and humid and the forecast was for rain, so they decided to have the graduation in the gym.... Whew... talk about a sauna. BUT,, Issa did us proud. Here she is with family. Abbe, Faith, Eric, her, Kim and Emmalee.

Here with her best freind Lexie
And then it was time for her open house on Sunday the 8th of June. The day stated out nice but by 3 when her open house began it was raining sheets of water. However, about 50 brave souls came out to wish her the best. Below is a picture of some of her friends hangin out.
So, now she is about all "growed" up and ready to take on the big old world. Please say a prayer for her. It is not always nice out there, is it?
Hugs and blessings