Friday, July 30, 2010


This has been a short week, as I did not work Monday and Tuesday. But it seems so much has gone on personally since I got back from ND that my head is spinning.

It seems when life starts dumping, it doesn't know how to stop. But I am building a wall as fast as I can that will keep it all from piling in on me, and then I will pick up my heels, do a jig and go on. You know that saying "Do your best and leave the rest to God". I sure wish that was as easy to do as it is to say. Sometimes it is "Keep your mouth shut, get on your knees and leave the rest to God". Actually that is probably the best thing to do.

On another note.... Next week is August already. The summer has flown by. August will be a very busy but fun month for me. I have dinner dates scheduled, tonight a play at the local little theater, a movie/game night at church, and then the last 2 weeks of the month my 2 little grand kids from WI will be coming to spend time with us. That means lots of fun and a trip to the MOA and Nickelodeon University for 4 of the gkids. The end of the month the state fair begins and then it is back to school for all of them, and fall.

Well that's what is bouncing around in the halls of my mind today.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Reunion - 2010 in ND

This is what happened when my Mom and Dad got together. This is a picture of all of us that were at the family reunion this past weekend in Kulm, ND. I wish Mom and Dad could have seen what happened once they got started. There was a total of 9 children born to them, there are only 4 of us left. There are 14 grandchildren and they all were there. That was so neat. AND I can even name them all!!!
This is the 4 of us that are still remaining Ernest, Vivian, me and Judy

And this is my clan
Jim and I
Josiah, Maurissa, Tonja, Emmalee, Luke
Eric, holding Andrew, Faith, Abbegale and Kim
We had such a grand time. I hope we do this more often.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Today I asked God for grace

This morning, when I prayed for some reason I asked God for grace to face all that I would face today. This isn't something I normally pray for, but I guess God knew I needed to ask for it for today.

The day started out good, breakfast on the deck with Jim. Then it was time to hit the basement and do some cleaning down there. I threw out the crib that Tonja and Eric used as a baby. I have to tell you, it choked me up. No one would keep there baby is such a crib as that these days as the government has deemed that the slots on that crib are not close enough. Anyway, that was hard to do. But I did get rid of a bunch of other stuff and found some stuff I had been missing. Then it was time to run some errands,,, here is where Grace is beginning to come into need. I went to Costco to pick up a prescription. Now I know they close from noon to 1 so I was there at 2:00 only to find out they had just LEFT for lunch... well I didn't let it get me upset, there is always another day. So I had 2 more stops to make and the sky's were looking more and more threatening so I decided to fore go Target and hit that later. So when I got home I made dinner and some more laundry and called my sister. That phone call revealed to me that the rooms I thought that we had reserved for the family reunion next weekend, are not available as my nieces husband had rented them out. (My niece and her husband run a hotel) So grace almost wasn't enough. I told my sister, well, maybe we wont come, if we don't have a place to stay as this old hen is not about to sleep in a tent!!! But then she said that my niece found out about a house that is for rent and is furnished so we can rent that. I hope that it is big enough to get Jim and I and the rest of my family which amounts to 6 adults and 5 children. But I am sure we will make it work.

Well then it was time to go to Target. I was in the store about 15 min when they announced that there was a tornado warning for Champlin and we were all to go to the back of the store until an all clear was issued. So there I sat with my stuff in my cart hearing the wind blowing the thunder and the rain and not be able to see out. This was the 3rd time today that grace was needed. I have to say that God came through big time. Not one of these situations got my undies in a bunch and life went on. There was no tornado at the store and not at our home either. Thank you God for giving to me the ability to handle all that came my way with grace today.

It was an experience being in the back of the store with old people young people and kids. How do you keep kids occupied waiting for a storm to pass? But all in all they were very good.

It was still raining VERY hard when they allowed us to go back to our shopping or check out. I went and got some big garbage bags to put over me cuz I was not going to wait in the store any longer and I didn't want to get drenched,,, when I walked out the front of the store, it was just sprinkling and the sky,, wow,,, I wish I had a camera phone. I just gotta get me one of those.


Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Some pictures from the lake

I stole these from my niece's site. But even the dogs got in on the fun at the lakeFaith and Abbe getting a ride on the bid doughnut.. They had so much fun

Any my little guys Luke and Josiah took the water bike for a spin. They did well.
The lake... just nothing like it.

Monday, July 05, 2010

At the lake

Saturday we spent the day with the Motebergs. I am so grateful to Geri, Mark and Lynn for inviting us all for a day of "reunion" every summer.

Even though the weather was hot and humid, when you are by a lake it is not bad and all the visiting and water play was wonderful. The kids I think were out of the water for a total of 30 min to eat and hopefully go potty!!!!! Mark and Austin ran the jet ski and gave rides on it and behind it on the knee board and the big old doughnut. The end of the day resulted in a little bit of sunburn for a couple of them, but a little aloe vera and they were good to go. But oh the memories they all went home with..... there is no way anyone can count them.. and the bonds of friendship with their cousins that they see maybe only once a year is priceless.

I must also not forget the food. Oh my, a person could gain 5 lbs in a day there if you didn't watch yourself.. Great cooks in that clan.

I sit here smiling... just thinking of the good times had there.

Thanks Geri, Lynn and Mark....