Monday, September 14, 2009


I love love love vacation, however, why is it always soooo stressful before you go? Man my tummy is in knots from the bottom to the top and my jaw is stiff and sore from me holding stress in there. Tonight I am going for a pedicure and then home to spiff up the house some as we have prayer cell at our house tomorrow night. And somewhere in there I will have to find something for us to eat. After then then I want to start packing. As there will not be a lot of time tomorrow night to do that. Then Wed night it is the final pack and make sure everything is taken care of that needs taking care of. I was sooo happy to find I could take care of the mail and the newspaper on line. Didn't have to stand in lines for that. I need to give a key to the neighbor so he can keep an eye on the house and make a short list of what I would like Eric and Kim to do (bless your hearts) next weekend when they come out.

We have one of those hanging things you plant a plant in.. We have a cherry tomato in it. Well it is coming down tomorrow night as it needs to be watered morning and night and I will not ask anyone to do that. We will pick all the little ones that are orange and the rest will hit the garbage. With all this warm weather the tomatoes seem like they need to be picked every day. Have not idea what I am going to do with all them, I know I am NOT going to can or freeze them. Maybe if we were not going on vacation, but we are, so they are not getting canned or frozen.

Anyway, I will be REALLY happy when Thursday rolls around and we hit the road.

All that read this say a prayer for us for a safe trip.


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Feeling Old

I don't know, but this body of mine is getting old I guess. Like an old car, little things start to go wrong, only thing is most times you cant just go out and get a new part, you have to try to fix the one you got. Some times the mechanic (doctor) can do something to make it work good again and some times it is just a mask, and some times he cant do anything about it and I hobble around with a bad part. Lately I feel like I have a lot of bad parts. I am sure if I dropped a whole lot of weight it would be better. But one never knows.

But I am thankful that I can still go to work and most days are pretty good. I guess I am just feeling a little down today.