Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ode to today

Ode To Today
March 21st 06 is a gloomy day
Mist, Fog not a sunshine ray
At my work my hands sit still
Wasting my accounting skill
Wishing I was at home
packing and getting ready to roam
Friday hubby and I will be on our way
Flying west for some rest and play
This little ditty has taxed my brain
So with this I leave my domain
Blessings to all

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Trip to WI

Last weekend we were in WI. There to see Missy and Emmie in thier schools spring musicals. They were great as usual. But I did not get a picture of them this time. They were busy off practicing etc. But I did get a couple of other pictures which I am going to post. I sure miss all of them. We had such a good time. The time goes all too fast tho. I hope that when I retire that Jim and I will have our health so we can travel to see them more often.


Babysitty 2 Grandkids

We had the opportunity to watch Bri and Nate while thier Mom and Dad did some unpacking in thier new home. It was a fun day of tickling and playing with Nate and going through Mamma's jewelry and baking a cake with Bri. Here are some pictures from the day
Cuties,,, arent they?

Winter "Wunder" Land


I know I am a little late in sharing these pictures, but it was so pretty when we had all that snow and then the melting and the freezing which created the beautiful ice cycles. So enjoy the pictures
Isnt it pretty?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

ALPHA and Wisconsin

Alpha is a course that our church is offering. In fact it is a course that our church recommends we take before we become members, which Jim and I are in the process of doing. Anyway, the first class was last night. It was great. I was raised in a christian home, and it never entered my mind to doubt that Jesus is real and that He is in fact God incarnate. Over the years I have of course met people who knew little or anything about Jesus and some of them out right poo-pooed Jesus saying that I was weak minded and needed a crutch. (I do remember there was a time in my life after I left home that I tried to buy into that, but that proved wrong)

In this first class the speaker so clearly laid out the FACT that Jesus DID exist. Even our history books confirm that. But the Bible is the only book that tells us who he really was. Jesus in his 30 some years on earth fulfilled over 300 prophecies about himself. As the speaker told us true, some man could have decided to fulfill some of them, but there are too many about his birth and where and his death and where he would be laid for that to happen. He also talked about the proof of Christs resurrection. It was just sooooooo good. I am so glad that we are taking this course. I have always felt even tho I have been in the church for many years that I was not properly armed to share the good news of Jesus. I am praying this will help me.

That being said, I am soooooo looking forward to going to WI to see my daughter and her family this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing Miss and Em perform. They are talented young ladies.

That's it for now


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

So tired

Yesterday I was so tired, I didnt think I would make it through the day. In fact I was in bed by 8:30 last night and went fast asleep and slept all night. I feel better today, but makes me wonder if it is old age that is creeping up with me and I cant keep up the pace I used to or if there is something wrong with me. I would think that if you never slow down your body would never know anything different. I hate feeling tired all the time. One sure doesnt get much done when you feel that way.

It has been a long time since I have gotten up in the morning, and felt like I had the world by the tail and I was going to take it on and win. Most mornings lately, I get out of bed and manange to get done just what I have to do. I hate hate hate feeling like that. I really think this feeling has been exagerated after I had my knee replacement. I dont know, maybe I am just imagining things. The knee feels great, and I seldome think about it much anymore, I just do what I want to do (except kneel), :(

I am hoping that as spring and summer arrive, some of my P&V will return.

Thats all for today


Friday, March 02, 2007


This has been a rough week for me in general. No not because we have been dumped on with tons of snow, but because today it has been 5 years since Gil passed away. Yesterday and today the tears have been just below the surface and fall without any notice. I see Gil everywhere and he has been in my dreams. In my dreams he looks sooooooo good. The last one I had I told him I missed him and he hugged me and told me I was doing good but that he couldnt stay. But that we would see each other again. How could I wish him back into this world? But I do. I know it is selfish. When I think of the "stuff" that he hasn't had to witness I am almost a bit jealous. But then I see too all the wonderful things he has missed, like his 2 grandsons, and my heart aches. Not just for me but for those 2 wonderful little guys who never got to know that wonderful man the other grandkids call Papa. I know that Faith and Abbe have little rememberances of him, but they have pictures of themselves with him, and when you look at those pictures you can see the love in his eyes for each of them. I ache too because he hasnt seen (with me anyway) our grandgirls Miss and Em doing such a great job performing in thier high school theater and music productions. I wish too that he could be here next year to see Miss graduate and all the grandkids after her. And again the tears fall unheeded.

I have come to realize that I will probably never stop missing him. That there will ALWAYS be times that I wish desperately that he could be here.

5 years ago today, heaven became richer and earth became poorer because of the loss of a wonderful great man - husband - father - Papa - brother - uncle - cousin - friend- - - -
Gilbert Moteberg.

Here's to you Gil ((((((((((((XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)))))))))))) You will always be loved and missed