Thursday, August 18, 2011

More of the day at Nickelodion Universe

As you can see, even tho Faith is being a great big sister and riding with Dewey, she is giving "the look"

 But Luke and Abbe decided to take the ride too.
 Then they went on the Pepsi Roller Coaster.  I took these pictures off of the wall where they want to sell them to you.  This is Abbe
 Luke and Joe.  Luke the timid one and Joe the wild man
 They all enjoyed the "Bouncy Wonderpets Boat ride"  jarring them up and down.
 We gathered together for a shot with Mamma and Grandpa
 Abbe taking the swift corner on the "Swiper Sweeper" I  think that is what it is called
 And Luke and Joe coming around that corner
 Joe and Faith were the only ones of the group that took on this ride. 
 Joe, Luke and Dewey on the Merry-go-round
 Dewey and Sponge Bob.  He had been standing with him for  a picture and I got him just as he was running back to Dad.
 And now the day is over... a tired family heading home for a rest.

At Nickelodian Universe

Wednesday was MOA day and Nickelodian Universe.  Here they are sitting in Caribou where Mamma and Grandpa were waiting for them with wristbands in hand antsy to get out of there and start riding

 They decided to ride the "Fairly Odd Parents" ride which is a type of roller coaster with the seats twisting the very first thing.  As you can see Abbe is holding Lukes hand to give him confidence
 Here they are coming off the ride.  Luke was more then happy to be off that ride, he looked pretty pale and wanted nothing more to do with that ride for the rest of the day.
 Luke was still needing some reassurance after that ride as they walked towards the next one.  Faith and Abbe looked ready to go again.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Faith

I have had a strong faith in God most of my life.  One would think as I grow older it would grow deeper and deeper, but I feel like it is waning.  Sometimes I wonder if my prayers go higher then the ceiling of the room I am in, and if God is in it

Monday, August 15, 2011

Since Saturday

A little update on the time with the grandkids. Saturday we got up and had breakfast and then packed a lite lunch and headed over to St Paul to see Circus Juventes. We ate our little lunch of sandwiches, bananas and monster cookies at a little park right by the circus school. Then we went in and saw a most fantastic show. There were no pictures allowed, but you can check it out here The show lasted for 3 hours. When the show was over Kim picked up Faith and Joe and we went and picked up Jim's grandkids BriAnna and Nate.

Nate, Bri, Abbe and Luke
The kids had so much fun playing "Avatar"  We got up and went to church.  Then home and their Mom joined us and we had a meatball lunch with warm cookies and ice cream for dessert a little later.  About 4 Julie and the kids went home and we just kinda hung out and a little later we went to Yummy Buffet for dinner.  When we got home, we hired Abbe and Luke to pick apples again.  They did such a good job. 

When it was bedtime I was struck with the realization that the kids time with us was already half gone.  It made me very sad.  This morning, Grandpa took them to the Como Zoo.  They were there about 2 1/2 hours and then they came home and Grandpa made them sandwiches for lunch.  Jim said that Eric and Kim got here about 4:30 and picked them up and they plan on staying with them until Wed when we are doing the thing they have been waiting to do since they got here.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Later Friday

After the VBS program we came home, had lunch and rested a bit and then it was off to the YMCA.  They all got in the water except me, I was the observer.  After a while I got to hot sitting in that hot humid atmosphere so I went out to the a/c part and sat down.  A gentleman came down from having worked out and sat down in a chair there and took his workout shoes off and we struck up a conversation about vacations, and grand children.  We talked for quite a while.  Then he was paged for a phone call.  I could hear his half of the conversation and realized it was his wife.  I heard him tell her he was about to leave but had been talking to a lady.  She must have asked him what we were talking about because he said, "Oh family and stuff"  He then said that he had just been leaving (and he was he had just gotten up to go) so he hung up and said "I think she is a little jealous".  I had to laugh.
Anyway, here are some pics from the swim
The pool group

 After supper Grandpa built a fire in the fire pit and the kids roasted mini-marshmallows.  That is all I had and I had just gotten back from the store, so was not going to make another trip.  So we put them on wooden shish kabob skewers and I had one other metal skewer  It was strange and odd but they had a good time.

The end of the evening did not exactly end there.  The lawn sprinklers came on and they begged to run through them.  So I gave them 10 minutes of that.  Then it was jammie time and a little of karaoke TV and bedtime.  

More of the week

It was VBS week and Abbe and Luke went every morning and Faith and Joe joined them the last 2 days. Friday they had a 45 min program at the end of the day so parents and grandparents could come and check it all out.  So here are some pictures from that
 Faith (the tallest one)
 Dewey watching and taking it all in
 Faith was asked to hold a placard
 The  theme of VBS was Pandamonia so a pic in front of a scene
 They all made t-shirts, so had to have a pic of them.  Luke doesn't look to happy to be modeling his

Friday, August 12, 2011

More of the week.

I did the update of Monday.  Tuesday is a blur to me.  I cant remember what we all did.  I know there was VBS in the morning, I worked oh yeah, I remember now, Grandpa took them to Cabelas for lunch and to look at all the stuff they had there. 

Wed was VBS in the morning and in the afternoon, Eric and Kim and family came out so it was the playing of the cousins.

Thursday it was VBS in the morning and I took the afternoon off.  I didn't get any pictures this day, I was very tired as I had been up watching Luke for a couple of hours afraid that he was going to have an asthma attack.  So I was barely functioning.  But Jim's son came out for a noon BBQ.  He also brought his children Brianna and Nate.  So the kids played with them until 3 when it was time for Nick to go home.  When they went home I rented RIO, which is on demand, and the kids watched that.  Here are some shots of them chillin to the movie

 While they were chillin to the movie, I mixed up a batch of Monster cookies, a favorite of all of them.  So here they are enjoying a couple of them.

So that takes you through Thursday the first week with them here with us.

Monday, August 08, 2011

The Day Continues

Late this afternoon we went to see The Smurf's.  Cute movie.  Too much popcorn so dinner is delayed.  While dinner is delayed the kids decided that they wanted to run through the sprinkler so that they did.  Then a stray dog came and wanted to play, so they played with him for about 45 min and now in for a dinner of pot stickers, green beans and watermelon and for (Luke not pot stickers but a couple of hot dogs) and then some blueberry upside down cake.  Don't worry mom, we will have better menu's.

Some pictures of the running through the sprinkler

2 Weeks Of A Wonderful Time Begins

Yesterday we picked up Abbe and Luke in Black River Falls, Wi.  We got back to our house around 4:00 their Minnesota cousins were here so the remainder of the day was spent playing with them and a dinner of hot dogs and brats. 

This morning they went to our church's VBS.  Grandpa picked them up and I took the afternoon off.  Grandpa and I were mowing the lawn and sooo many apples (not good ones) have fallen off the apple tree, so I offered them a chance to make some money.  So they picked 7 pails of apples for me.  They are happy to have the money and I am happy to have all those apples off the ground. 

Here are some picks of the apple picking