Friday, December 31, 2010

When The Moon Is In The 7th House

And Jupiter aligns with Mars.........  I don't think peace will reign on our planet I think it causes my whole family to come down with strep!!!!  So far the only people who stayed at our house on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to not get strep is Will, Emma, Maurissa, Jim and me!!!!  I am hoping and praying that none of us get it.  Last night I was pretty convinced that I was coming down with it, but this morning I am feeling OK.  so I am glad of that.  Those who have it are on meds and are feeling better by the day.  I hope that tomorrow the start of 2011 finds them all healthy and robust.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Not a good couple of days for birds

I was sitting in the living room and I heard a thump, I went to the kitchen patio window and saw this bird sitting there.  He is dead I am qite sure.  He hasnt moved for a long time.  I do have blinds on my front big window but so many times birds think they can fly right through my house.  Sorry little bird.

Dewey sleeping

Precious little guy out like a light with his stuffed buddies.. Oh wait,, I'm not sleeping there with him  (^_^)

Christmas 2010

Well I am going to post a few pictures for my groopies.... Laughing here..
This is Tonja and her family
Emmalee Tonja Maurissa Will
Luke and Abbegale

 Eric's Family
Faith, Eric, Josiah, Kim and Andrew (Dewey)
 Grams and Gramps with the little girls
Abbe, Me, Faith, Jim
 Eric and Kim surprised the heck out of me and gave me an electric keyboard.  Wow..
 Of course it was sleepover time for both families on Christmas Eve and Christmas night.  Talk about color in these pictures.  The girls got their hats and slept in them, well at least part of the night
Abbe and Faith
 Then it is Joe and Luke getting ready for the sandman.  They were such good kids all of them.  I love them all sooooooo much.
 On Christmas night we did steaks on the grill.  Will was our grill master.  Thanks Will.  They were sooo good

This is my son and daughter.  I wanted a picture of the 2 of them together.  Been a long time.  Kim must have taken 50 pictures, before they behaved and I got a good shot!!
Eric and Tonja
Just realized I didn't get the Dewey sleeping shot.  It is coming