Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Having Grandbabes Staying

Here it is Wednesday. Abbe and Luke have been with us since Sunday night alone. It is going so well. They are a couple of really great kids. The week didn't start out too good for me tho. Sunday night I woke up with a gut ache and cramps. A couple of trips to the can and then came the up-chuck. I hate so bad to throw up that I fight it until I cant any more. I should just get it over with, cuz I felt better after that. But the whole next day I was feeling like a washed out rag.

Monday a friend of my grand-niece came and babysat. She was going to be there all day but then my dear daughter in law found out that she didn't have to babysit the kids she normally does so she came up and relieved the sitter around noon. Monday night Faith stayed so she could visit with her cousin some. They were good, but I was feeling so wrung out that I was counting the days I had left with the kids hoping I would make it. BUT,,,, the miracles of a good nights sleep and the run of the 24 hour flu gone, I felt like a new person last night.

Kim (with her additional crew of 3, bless her heart) again came up before Jim had to go to work on Tue and stayed with the kids until I got home. When I got home I was feeling much better and after they went home Abbe, Luke and I went to the library to get some new books to read. Then we went to a couple of stores and had a bite to eat out. When we got home and it was bath and bed time both kids just were so agreeable. Ahhhh it felt good to be feeling good again and enjoying them.

After they were in bed, I did some laundry and cleaning in the house.

Today the babysitter is back and they assured me they really liked her. (^_^) Tonight not sure what adventure we will get in to, but I think, unless it is raining, a trip to the playground is in the picture.

I am so happy that I am once again feeling good and having the energy to enjoy my precious grandkids.

Blessings to all who enter and double blessings to those who let me know they have been here


At 2:09 PM , Blogger Tonja said...

Abbe and Luke are so blessed to have such a wonderful MAMMA!

Thank you.


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