Saturday, August 11, 2007

I Wonder Why

I have been thinking lately about why. Why are we the way we are? Is it genetic? Is it our environment? Or are we who we are because we choose to be that way? Or are we the way we are because we don't have the "wanna" IE, lazy to change things about us?

I have spent a great deal of my life wishing that I had more discipline in the area of my life as far as eating the right foods and right amounts. Yet there are other area of my life that I am VERY disciplined in. Why cant I cross that discipline into the area of food? I wonder why? My mothers side of the family had some heavy people like my grandpa, my Mom, and a couple of my aunts. Dad's side of the family really doesn't have any obese people there. So I am kinda ruling out a total blame of genetics. That being said, am I choosing to be fat? My environment? Well it isn't any different than anyone else in the USA, yet there are many many very thin people who have no problem saying no to chocolate and breads. That comes down lack of wanna. Or I don't have the discipline in this area of my life to just stop eating those foods that I should. I do know that eating healthy takes a lot more time then eating whatever happens to be at hand. Most convenient foods are loaded with fat and calories. And I know that I often choose the convenient way after working all day. Being heavy also takes away energy I might have if I where thinner. So it is a battle. I have battled this all my life. I have to tell you that I don't have much faith that I will ever win this battle.

Just fatty me


At 7:13 AM , Blogger Pat said...

My view is that there are only two kinds of people in this world. Those with food stop buttons and those without one. All people I know fit into those two categories. Those who never give a thought about food and eat until they are full and anything and those who just eat to eat. People without food stop buttons have to always their whole life be so conscience of what they eat and it rules their every minute. Those with one don't give eating a second breathing..they just do it.

Some unfortunate people are born with one and lose it. Now that is really unfair.

One day science will come up with a pill to simulate the food button and I will be first in line.

Not sure if that will happen in my lifetime though. Heck...scientists still cant even figure out why we sleep.

I have watched several programs on how the economy is pushing us to eat more and more by making wheat based products so cheap. The more we eat..the more money they make, thus making the food cheaper.

All in all....I think it is multiple things that dictate our loss of control and it boils down to...."the luck of the draw" as to who has problems and who doesn't.

Two programs on tv are interesting in that they publicly deal with obese issues of the gigantic kind. "Big medicine" and I think "Brookhaven Clinic" but I might have the name wrong. Both show the struggles of people who want to lose and their successes and failure even when the wanna is strong. One show made me cry cuz a man that was so huge he could not get out of bed wanted to lose weight so he could donate a kidney to his dying dad but he was too big to operate on.

My point in all this Sandi, is that you are not alone. You have proven you are not weak but strong in other areas of your life and like me...just like food..ROFL.

Seriously I also think it is basically a survival thing, a way to combat stress. Again I think people handle living and stress two or not eat. Science is close to pinning down the act of eating to brain chemicals. But then...our bodies are so complicated it might take generations to figure out what makes us tick..if they ever do.

In the meantime we fight the battle day after day like millions of others.

Hugs my war buddy,


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