Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wishes for my family in 2012

Jim:  Health and good family relationships
Tonja:  A GREAT full time job, health, peace
Eric:  Continued great employment, and time for himself
Kim:  Peace in her new home and health and wisdom
Maurissa:  Peace with her life and courage to complete things that are undone
Emmalee:  The ability to forgive and for direction in her life
Faith:  That math would become easy for her
Abbegale:  That "r's" would be conquered and that she would be healthy
Luke:  That he would overcome the trouble he has with "S's" and that the asthma would be totally gone
Josiah:  That he will remember that he IS very important to all of us and that he would cut his hair (^_^)
Andrew:  That he will not get hurt with his fearlessness and that he will stay the happy little boy he is
Braxton:  That he will remain the good baby he is and grow and be healthy
Will:  He will always be part of my life, I wish him only good things


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