Thursday, January 10, 2008

Taking A Mental Health Break

WOW.... This being an accountant at year end is a bit overwhelming. BUT,,, not like it was working for the public accountant firm. That was pure nuts. But my desk is just never empty of work these days. Before I get one project done one or 2 more are put on my desk and so it piles up. But I know that one of these days I will be back to wondering what I am going to do all day. One thing about being extremely busy, the days fly by.

We are suppose to be getting snow today but its just overcast and nothing falling from the sky, yet. The weather people, I am totally convinced, are incapable of predicting the weather. They should call themselves weather reporters, and not forecasters. I dare bet 75% of the time they are wrong. I wonder if 75% of my work was incorrect if I would keep my job long, yet alone pull in a huge salary?????

Know what I hate? I REALLY hate having to plan and prepare meals EVERY night after work. I told Jim when we got married that I hated it and expected him to do his share, yet it doesn't happen. I guess I need to just say, well if you don't fix it tonight, then we are on our own. I would be OK with that, but then nights when I was to cook, then I should have the same rights.. Don't you think???

I told Jim he had to cook tonight or take me out. With out missing a beat he said "Where do you want to eat?" Well if that is what he wants to do I am fine with that too!!!

Well I guess I better get back to this pile on my desk.

Blessings to all who read and Double blessings to those that let me know they have been here!!!!!!!!!!!!



At 12:12 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sandi, I thought I would let you know I was here. I know how you feel, men can drive you insane. Thanks for the update, my prayer's are always with you. Love, your friend, Pat


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